Do you want to continue to live your dream or do you want to wake up?

What happens when we dream? We forget who we are because in our dream, we are somebody else in different circumstances – maybe we are on a plane flying to an unknown country with strangers, but that’s what we are. The point is: imagine that you had the power of deciding whether you want to continue your dream or not. Imaginethat you are having a nightmare, a horrifying dream where you are being tortured, you are in pain, your body is diseased, bleeding; would you like that dream to continue? Of course not, but we don’t have a choice. We don’t have a control over our dreams! The question is: would you like to continue living in your dream or would you like to wake up?  If I had a choice, I would like to stop living the dream because I know that the dream is just a dream – why would I want to live in a dream? Why spend those moments dreaming, only to wake up to realize that the dream is not real? Why dream of all the good things, only to wake up, happy or disappointed that it was just a dream?

If I have a choice, I would rather wake up and face the reality of my life. Now comesanother and bigger question.It is about our life.Isn’t it like a dream? When it is over,we look back; nothing was permanent,nothing belonged to us. We came without anything and when we leave, we leave without anything. Is it not like a dream?It looks like we have all these people who are our relatives and friends, we have all this wealth which is our property – but at the end, when we wake up from the dream called life and look back, well, nothing is really ours. It is over like a dream.

Therefore, the questionis – do you want to continue living in this dream called life or do you want to wake up and face the reality of who you truly are and what you should truly be doing?

Who are you?

Who are you? Have you ever thought who you are? Are you the body? Are you the mind? Are you the intellect? Are you the Soul, the Energy?

Unfortunately, we presume that we are what we look like, but in reality we are not what we look like. Science has proved that we are bundles of energy, trillions and trillions of atomic particles put together that make us look like who we are. And as science now endorses we are nothing but energy. Through their discovery of the wave particle duality, scientists have seen how particles become waves and waves become particles only to prove that we are not the physical mass of body that we seem to be. We are energy that is packed together and looks like a human body! But if somebody were to tell you that you are not you; you are something else, it will be very difficult for you to accept it and to understand it. So if the truth is this that you are not you, then what are you, who are you?

Stop. Ask yourself this question. You need to introspect, go deep within, find out the real answer and then probably you will realize who and what you truly are!

Is there a State of Everlasting Bliss?

When the spiritually realized ones talk of renunciation and discrimination, and living with virtues; when they talk of overcoming this world and going deep within the realized true self, what are they trying to communicate? They are sharing an experience that they have encountered; an experience that eliminates worries and problems in their life; an experience that makes them realize the truth of who they are; an experience that makes them feel the power that is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.

Most of us are not able to experience such a state of everlasting bliss because we are controlled by our body and mind.Our body-mind complex that is steered by our ego makes us go round and round in circles. It makes us go up a peak of happiness and down a valley of pain, and this goes on day after day. We enjoy the pleasures of life, face the trials and tribulations until eventually one day this so designed body grows, decays, often gets diseased and dies, after which, we are born again.  This drama continues again and again; but if these realized ones who tell us to stop, to introspect, to think, to go within, to realize who we are, to realize God and to truly experience the bliss that comes with this realization – is it that they are lying to us? Is it that there is no state of everlasting bliss? Is this a myth? Is this a trick? Why would they trick us? Why would they bluff us? Why would they lead us to a path that doesn’t exist? If they are taking us on a path that they havebeen on, should we try that path or should we live and die in a cycle of pleasure and pain just because we don’t believe their experience of everlasting bliss!

What role does the past and present play in our life?

What does the past and the future do? Have you ever thought: what is the role of the past and the future? If you look at it deeply, you will realize the truth – they are meant to rob the present.

The only thing that belongs to us is the present, the now, this moment. But because the mind creates the future and tells us something about it, we get so busy thinking about the future that we forget the present. The past does exactly the same. The mind creates memories of the past and takes us to that memory, only to rob us of the present. By shuttling between the past and the future, what actually happens is that we lose the present. The only thing that belongs to us is the present. There is no past, there is no future. The past is memories; the future are thoughts.  The real challenge is not to be in the past, not to be in the future; the real challenge is to be in the ‘now,’ to live in this moment, to grab hold of what is ‘now’ and make the best of what is ‘now,’ and live ‘now.’

If only we can live in the ‘now,’ our life would be amazing, our life would be fulfilling, our life would have achieved its objective. We must shut these two doors – one door going to the past and the other going to the future, and live in the day-tight compartment; live in the moment called ‘now.’

Is life only meant for enjoyment?

Isn’t life meant to just have fun? Isn’t life meant to enjoy?

The world thinks this way, but why did a prince, who lived several centuries ago, think differently? Siddhartha Gautama, a rich prince in ancient India, had all the riches, all the pleasures that the world could offer him.Why did he give it all up?Why didn’t he think that life was just meant to be enjoyed? What inspired him to seek the truth? He found the true meaning of life – that life couldn’t escape suffering, that this gift of life given to us is checkered with pain and misery; we cannot escape it.Think about it. – we all have to face death.  We grow, we get diseased, we decay and we die. We all face misery in life and while there may be pleasures, joy and happiness, eventually, we are going to face unhappiness and be miserable. Therefore,if we just close our eyes, have fun and enjoy life, we may escape the minor miseries of life only to be hit by that big misery finally. But, if we start living and realizing the truth of who we are,  what we are and why we are here; if we come face to face with the truth, then we will not have to face that ultimate suffering.By realizing the truth and living a life of liberation by achieving Nirvana, we would attain the highest state of bliss and happiness, ‘ananda’, and move to Nirvana, Liberation.

Therefore, we have a choice.To escape life byjust having fun, or realizing the truth of life and reaching that state of ultimate bliss, which is what Buddha chose. What would you choose??