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Ultimate Bliss, Joy like you have never experienced before

What is the goal of this world? It has a simple goal to be Happy!

What is True Happiness? How many of us have experienced it?

For many people, happiness begins from simple pleasures of life and goes on from need to greed. Soon, most of them are in a pursuit of Pleasure, Power and Possessions – these are indeed achievements.

The first peak of life is Achievement. However, in the phase of Achievement, we are in a constant battle with both happiness and unhappiness because we all have desires and when there is desires, there are disappointments.

But if we continue the journey to the next peak of Fulfillment, there is Contentment, and hence, unhappiness dissolves. Therefore, a person with Fulfillment is always more happy than a person with Achievement.

Finally, even after Fulfillment, the true purpose of life remains unachieved. This is because there will be decay and death. At this stage, a person doesn’t completely understand who he is, what he is supposed to do, and what the true purpose of life is.
The third peak is, therefore, Enlightenment, which is Nirvana, Moksh, and Mukti – the peak of Ultimate Bliss! One discovers this peak only after realization of self and God realization.

Nirvana, Moksh, and Mukti bring Aananda to your life, where you will get the awareness of Sat-Chit-Aananda. When you realize the Divine Power within you, you become immortal and you experience unending Happiness, and this way, you reach the state of Aananda!