How to escape from Death & Birth ?

How does one attain Nirvana? Nirvana is a state when you escape death and rebirth by the realization of the fact that you are the Atman ‑ the spirit or the soul. You are not the body‑mind ‑ as most people think of themselves. How does one attain this state of Nirvana? This state is attained by the realization of the self, not by the discovery of the self. Those who discover the self have only got the knowledge that they are the Atman; they cannot attain Moksh or Nirvana. One doesn’t have to discover the knowledge; one has to realize the truth.

Realizing means seeing the Atman with the “real eyes”, actually realizing that one is not this body. The fact is that when one realizes that one is the Atman and not the body, then the person also realizes that every other human being, plant, and animal has a similar Atman. In other words, every living being is not the body or physical form as seen from outside, but is an Atman.This leads from self-realization to God realization – seeing God everywhere in bliss called Sat-Chit-Anand.

The Sat-Chit-Anand state of self-realization and God realization embarks one on a journey of Nirvana, Moksh or Enlightenment. However, as long as we are alive, we are Jivanmuktas, which means that we are the Atman and we are self-realized, but we still have a mind and a body that has senses.

The battle between the body‑mind and the Atman continues day in and day out. The body‑mind flings temptations to the Atman to sink it into the Samsara. The Atman has to fight these temptations and use its discrimination and renunciation through the deep love for God and through the virtues of good living to overcome the body‑mind challenges. The cravings and desires to be renounced, and the Atma must march forward towards the Paramatman ‑ the lord, the God. This is the challenge of Nirvana; therefore, it is very rare to see people who have realized the self to still cross over from self-realization to God realization onto the abode of Enlightenment, Moksh, and Nirvana. It is the final goal of life. Tu