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ACE, the AiR Centre of Enlightenment, is a centre to help people realize the truth, to overcome ignorance and be liberated. It is the ONLY NON-COMMERCIAL CENTRE IN THE WORLD that is committed to help seekers attain Mukti, Moksha, Nirvana or Salvation (The names are different but the destination is same). The AiR Centre of Enlightenment is envisaged as an Abode of Spirituality. It includes a state-of-the-art library, Silent and Guided Consciousness Meditation Centres and Discussion and Video rooms, all meant to help one evolve on their Spiritual Journey towards Enlightenment. The Centre is not restricted to only the seekers of Enlightenment. It would also welcome those who seek Solace, Joy, Peace and Bliss.

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Though everybody seeks Happiness, Happiness remains elusive. Why? AiR explains that we mistake pleasure for Happiness. Pleasure comes from success, name, fame and things that money can buy. But this joy is transitory. It doesn't last. In fact, there are 3 'Peaks' of Happiness and 'Achievement' is only the First Peak. Some people evolve to the Second Peak of Happiness, which is ‘Fulfilment’, where one lives with Contentment. But even on this Peak, one experiences suffering. There is a Third Peak of Happiness called ‘Enlightenment’ and this is the Peak that liberates us from the prisons of misery and suffering and gives us Eternal Joy and Bliss.
Those who come to ACE, the AiR Centre of Enlightenment, for the sake of Peace of mind, will be able overcome the misery of the mind and the agony of the ego. What robs our Peace of mind? Who causes stress, worry, anxiety and fear? What is the cause of anger, hate, revenge and jealousy? It is our ignorance about who we are and because of that, we live miserable lives. We all seek Peace of mind but we don't realize that it is our own mind that steals our Peace by constantly jumping from thought to thought. Unless we tame the Monkey Mind and make it a Monk, we will never be able to experience Bliss. Therefore, we must still the mind. The way to still the mind is through silence and reducing the MTR, the Mental Thought Rate that is the number of thoughts that the mind creates. By bringing the thoughts from around 50 thoughts a minute to just one thought at a time, we can achieve a state of Thoughtlessness or Mindfulness. To make the Monkey Mind to a Monk, we must cut the tail of the Monk-EY, the EY that is Ever-Yearning and Ever-Yelling.
Most of us live meaningless lives, drifting without direction and purpose. In reality, we don't live, we just exist. AiR urges us to ask the right questions to discover the secret of life — Who are we, in reality? And what is the Purpose of our Life? AiR says, 'The Purpose of Life is to discover the Purpose of Life.' Human life is a gift, a blessing because only we, human beings, have been given the gift of the intellect so that we can realize our true identity, ‘who we are’ and ‘why we are here.’ We are not born to have fun till life is done but to realize the self, realize God and become one with the Divine Power that we call God. It is discovering the Ultimate Purpose of Life that gives us True Bliss and Peace. It helps us live with Joy and Bliss. Those who come to the AiR Centre of Enlightenment for the sake of meaning and purpose can contemplate on life and understand why they are here. They can go on a quest to understand birth and death. They can realize the truth of who they are. Everybody wants to be happy but people are miserable because they are trying to live in Pleasure and Peace but they have no Purpose in their Life. Those who understand the Purpose of Life will be liberated from all misery, they will live in Bliss and attain the ultimate goal of life.
Every human being suffers on earth. We all experience the triple suffering, the physical pain of the body due to disease or decay, the misery of the mind as it creates fear, worry, and anxiety and the agony of the ego that causes anger, hate, revenge and jealousy. Not only do we suffer this triple suffering day after day, we also suffer it life after life, when we are reborn in a new body, every time. What we don't realize is that suffering is a choice. Not only can we overcome this triple suffering that we experience every day, we can live in Eternal Joy and Everlasting Peace by being liberated from the Karmic Cycle of death and rebirth, if we Realize the Truth. Here, at the AiR Centre of Enlightenment, we will coach you on your quest to transcend the suffering in life.
‘Who am I?’ The Realization of the self is called Self-Realization. It is realizing that we are neither the body, nor the mind and not the ego. We are the Soul, the Atman, the Spirit. This will begin our journey of Enlightenment, culminating in God-Realization. So, how do we attain Self-Realization? For this, we must go on a Spiritual Quest under the guidance of a Guru, a Spiritual Master. We must Ask and Investigate, to Realize the Truth. How does one Realize the Truth? The Truth cannot be known, it has to be 'Realized' and this has 3 steps — first is reading, listening, the assimilation of knowledge; second is an intellectual discrimination of the knowledge; and third step is that we attain Self-Realization. Here, at the AiR Centre of Enlightenment, we will coach you on your quest to Self-Realization.
Billions of people in this world pray to God and want God but they don't know, ‘Who is God? Where is God? and What is God?’ They pray without understanding the meaning of their prayers and without realizing that their prayers don't reach God. Those who are in a Quest of God, can climb the Ladder to Heaven and Realize the true meaning of God. They can evolve from a state of Self-Realization to God-Realization. They will live in the ever presence of God as they experience divinity in beauty. They will realize God in the temple of their heart as they realize God in everybody and in everything. If they continue on the path of God-Realization, they will be liberated and United with the Divine. Once we Realize the Truth that we are the Divine Soul, then the next step is God-Realization, the Realization that just as God is in me, God is in everyone. Everything and everyone, a manifestation of God. The cause of the beauty in this world is Divinity itself. God is present in all beings, nature and inanimate objects. With God-Realization, we begin to experience God all around us, all the time. We Realize the Truth of Satyam Shivam Sundaram, the Truth is that God is beautiful and everything is beautiful because of God. Nothing is ugly. It is a matter of relativity. God-Realization is to also realize that God is not God. God is SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power. Most of us pray to God, don’t we? We sing hymns, chant mantras and pray in different ways but do we even know to whom are we praying every morning and night? We think that God is a person, a statue or a saint. But God is beyond human comprehension! Who is God? Where is God? What is God? We cannot find God. We have to realize God. Everything in this world is made up of energy, the Supreme Immortal Power, SIP, that we call God. Whatever appears to be is ultimately, a part of SIP. SIP appears as the SOUL, a Spark Of Unique Life in all living creatures, just as it appears as POSIEMOM, the Particle Of SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power, In Every Molecule Of Matter. Matter is nothing but energy appearing as matter. This is a scientific truth and a Spiritual Realization.
While the word ‘Karma’ literally means action, it is used as a reference to the Universal Law of Karma that has the principle, ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ Nobody can escape Karma. That is why, we don't find apples growing on mango trees. But everything in our life doesn’t depend on only our past Karma. Karma works in a Twin Method. Our past Karma and our present Karma together, are responsible for what unfolds in our life, day after day. It is our past Karma that decides our birth and death. But the concept of Karma itself is based on free will and choice. We have been given a mind to think and an intellect to discriminate. Thereafter, our thoughts and feelings crystallize into action. Can our present actions undo sins of the past? Yes, they possibly can. Can we escape from Karma and Rebirth? Yes, we can! Here at ACE, we will coach your quest on how to transcend Karma. If we realize who we are, we drop all our Karma like a pebble in the ocean and at death, we can be united with God. But if we do not Realize the Truth, then the Mind and Ego, ME, carries the unredeemed Karma with it and is born in another body to settle its Karmic Account.
What is Enlightenment? Enlightenment means switching on the light within. It is to eradicate the darkness of ignorance that we live in by Realizing the Truth. AiR says, 'In this world, 1% of people are visually blind and 99% are Spiritually blind.' Our bowl of life is full of myth that we have grown up with. It is full of lies and fairy tales that have continued to keep us ignorant. Unless we clean our life bowl, become conscious of these untruths that we believe in and uproot them, we cannot plant a new doctrine that will build new roots, shoots and fruits of Enlightenment. To attain Enlightenment, we must go on a Spiritual Quest. We have to go beyond religion to Spirituality to be enlightened. Religion is only the kindergarten of Spirituality. If Enlightenment is our Destination, then we must change our Direction. If we keep on doing what we are doing, we will keep on getting what we are getting.

E ENLIGHTEN, to bring in the light of Self-Realization
N NO THOUGHTS, being in Consciousness
L LIBERATION, freedom from all suffering on earth and Rebirth
I INTELLECT, activating Intellect to overcome ignorance
G GOD-REALIZATION, God is SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power
H HAPPINESS, a state of Eternal Peace, Divine Love and Everlasting Bliss
T TRUTH-REALIZATION, realizing the Truth of our existence
E EVER-UNITED with the Divine, in Yoga
N NO KARMA, transcending Karma by being an instrument of the Divine
M MIND, we must STILL it and KILL it! Realize that we are the SOUL
E EGO, letting go of it
N NOW, to live life, moment by moment, in the Now!
Only a few people go on a quest in search of the true meaning of life. But if they do, they become Conscious of the Truth, they experience Ananda, a Bliss, unknown to the common man. SatChitAnanda, the word broken up is Sat – the Truth, Chit – Consciousness, Ananda – Eternal Bliss. It signifies that Ananda comes when we become Conscious of the Divine Truth. Then, we become the witness, the observer. We live, moment by moment, in the Consciousness of this Divine Truth. If we can remain in Consciousness of the Divine Truth, we can live a life of Eternal Bliss, SatChitAnanda.

'SatChitAnanda' is a state of Bliss, It's living in Peace and Tranquillity, When the Monkey Mind becomes a Monk, There is no stress, worry and anxiety.
At death, one of the two things happens. If we live as the Mind and Ego, ME, then at the death of the body, the ME takes a rebirth on earth, in a new body, to settle its Karma. Or, if we have realized that we are the Divine Soul, then the mind and ego, ME, ceases to exist and we are liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth and become one with God. This Unification with the Divine is Moksha. Yoga is the way to Moksha. The real meaning of Yoga is Yuj or union of a human being with the Divine. Yoga is all about being ever-connected with the Divine, just like a good SIM card is always connected with the satellite. A True Yogi is always in Divine Consciousness, moving from one state of Yoga to another. From Dhyana Yoga or meditation, to Bhakti Yoga or devotion, to Karma Yoga or action, to Gyana Yoga or education and always being in Prema Yoga, Yoga of Divine Love. Those who come to ACE, the AiR Centre of Enlightenment, for Liberation, Moksha, Nirvana, will be shown the path of Self-Realization and God-Realization. They will be assisted to go on a Quest to realize who they are and why they are here. They will reach a state of freedom from the body, mind and ego, while alive and will be able to live in Peace and Bliss, every moment, as they live in union with the Divine. Ultimately, at death, they will be liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth and become one with God.

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