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AiR Philosophy

What is a Philosophy? It is a way of life – a choice of our values and our beliefs. It controls our thoughts, forms our habits and leads us to our destiny.

AiR has a simple Philosophy

  • A – Always be conscious of the Self
  • I  – In union with the Divine
  • R – Reach out to Help People Realize the Truth

AiR believes that we should start our day in silence. Then go on to some education. Follow that with action and don’t end the day without devotion. Repeat the circle and be in Bliss.

This will help us to be conscious that we are not the Ego, Mind, and Body.  We should accept all that which flows from the Divine. We should realize that we do nothing. We are just instruments through whom the Lord gets things done. Our Goal is to Realize the Truth and God. Finally, we must be in constant union with God through devotion and deep love and longing for the Divine.