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AiR Vision

  1. What is the AiR Vision?
  • A – Ask
  • I  – Investigate
  • R – Realize

Through the AiR Vision, AiR tries to achieve his mission of helping people realize the truth. He believes that it is a 3 step method.

First, people must ASK! They must ask questions. They must be curious to find out. What are the questions one may ask? We must keep asking questions about life and existence.

What do we do next?

After asking questions, people must INVESTIGATE! Asking questions is not enough. When you ask a question and you don’t have an answer, you must further investigate. Chicken or egg? What came first? Don’t stop. Investigate. The body dies, but we pass on, move on, depart. Where do we depart? We are born, but how did we get life? Of course, God exists, but where is God? We must investigate. We must go deep into the subject to find answers. We must go on a Quest, a Search to Investigate and find ourselves.

After Asking and Investigating, what should one do? One should REALIZE the Truth! Realization happens as a direct experience. Nobody can make somebody realize. It is not discovering something. Realization happens as a personal intuitive experience. You need the grace of the Divine to Realize the Truth. Therefore, AiR tries to help people Ask and Investigate; and if they genuinely search for the Truth and the Lord, and if it be the Divine will, they will Realize the Truth.