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Give before you are gone

Give before you are gone. You don’t have a choice. If you don’t use what is yours, you will lose it, it will anyway be snatched away. Open your eyes and realize that you come with nothing and you will go with nothing. Nothing belongs to you. Whatever you keep, others will sweep. At the end, nothing is ours. Therefore, the wise men have said, ‘Put it in your head, that you can’t give anything after your dead. It will all be gone. Rather, give as you live so that the world will cry when you die. Spend before your end.’ This is the wise way to live. Give before you are gone. Everybody has to go, such is the show. Nothing is ours. Let us learn not to let others burn what we earn. Therefore, let us spend before our end. Let us give as we live.

The 10 Commandments of Detached Attachment

What are the Commandments to live a life of Detachment? What are the 10 Commandments which can liberate us from all attachments? These 10 Commandments will not only show us how to live a life of Detached Attachment but will also lead us to a life of eternal happiness, Divine love and everlasting peace. It is common for us human beings to get attached to our possessions, to relationships, to the people we love. This is is because of ignorance. This is because we do not resolve to live a life which gives us freedom, which gives us peace, which gives us happiness. If only we learn to live our life following the 10 Commandments of Detached Attachment, we will be attached no more. We will be so detached that while it would seem that we are deeply attached on the outside, deep within, we will be free, we will be detached. Follow these 10 Commandments and live a life of bliss and peace.

Discover the Fifth State of Yoga…PREMA YOGA The Yoga of Divine Love

The world is familiar with Yoga or ‘Yuj’, which means union with God. We know of the 4 states of Yoga: Dhyana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Gyana Yoga. Prema Yoga, the Yoga of Divine Love is the Fifth state of Yoga unknown to the world. It is a special gift from the Divine to me. It is the most powerful state of Yoga, of being ever united with God through Love. When we go beyond loving the physical appearance of the Beloved, and love the Soul, the Spirit, the Atman, the Ruh within the Beloved, then we are actually loving God. By loving the Beloved as God, we love God all the time. Not only do we experience God in the Beloved, but our Love also flows to one and all, who are all manifestations of God. This book shares the experience of Prema Yoga, the realization of Divine Love that is for the Supreme that appears in the Beloved. This book can transform the way you live, the way you love, and the way you pray. It can transform Love into Prayer and Life into Love.

GOD IS NOT GOD, GOD IS SIP – Supreme Immortal Power

God is not God. When you read these words, you will be shocked, and you may wonder what this is all about. But this is the Truth. God is not God. When we say God, what do we think of? We think of the God we  pray to every day. Some think of Jesus, some think of Shiva, some Krishna or Ganesha. But is this truly God? When you go in quest of God, when you go in search of God, when you love God and want God, then you realize that God is not made of bone and skin. God is the power that beats in our heart within. You realize that God is Supreme, God is Immortal. God has no birth and death. God is beginningless and endless. There is no God beyond God. That’s why we don’t call God, God.  We say, God is SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power. We have to change our belief about God. Remember, God never dies, God is never born. The truth is that God is a Power, the Supreme Power, an Immortal Power. God is SIP. This book will help you realize that God is SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power.

Poems For Life Peace, Love, Bliss, Enlightenment and Eternal Happiness

Do you want to read poems that can transform your Life? Poems that can lead you to everlasting peace and bliss? Poems that can light up your life and eradicate the darkness of ignorance that most of us live in? These beautiful poems can help you Realize the Truth about life, about God, about your true self. They can motivate you to remain positive and strong, eliminate all negativity in life. You can read a poem every day and be inspired to move closer to the ultimate goal of life. A true treasure, these poems will see you through the hardest of times as they will help you Realize what life is all about.

ENLIGHTENMENT! The Myth… And the Truth!

Are you seeking Enlightenment? Can you be Enlightened? Is Enlightenment a gift for a select few – for intellectual saints and sages? No, we have been gifted with a human birth so that we all can attain Enlightenment. Unfortunately we are not able to be enlightened because we are living with the myth and we do not Realize the Truth. To Realize the Truth, to be Enlightened, we have to unlearn the lies and bust the myth that we have lived with. This book will help you be enlightened with the Truth as it discriminates the Truth from the Myth associated with life, religion, God and spirituality.

Life is Karma

Life is Karma. As life unfolds day after day, we are confronted with circumstances, good and bad, and we wonder why things are happening the way they are. Is it luck, chance, serendipity or is it God instructing what should happen in our lives? It is none of these. It is Karma. Karma is a Law of Action, a Law of Action and Reaction, which is based on the principle, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap.’ Everything that is happening in our life is unfolding as per Karma. But we don’t realize that it is twin Karma, one, the Karma of the past which we cannot change, and second, the Karma of the present which depends on our free will, our choice of action that we choose based on our intellect. But it is not as simple as this. Everything that we do in life creates Karma. And even after we die, our Karma continues with our Mind and Ego, ME that takes rebirth on earth along with its karma. This book ‘Life is Karma’ explains everything about Karma, and beyond, how we can be liberated from Karma and be united with the Divine.


Most of us are lost in the material world and only turn to Spirituality when suffering comes our way. We don’t realize that a Spiritual life can liberate us from all misery and suffering. Some people do take the road less traveled, the Spiritual path, and go on a quest to Realize the Truth. But is it even possible to live a Spiritual life in this material world, surrounded by worldly pleasures? Of course, it is! Spirituality is not really about renunciation, but Realization. This book shows the way to that inner voyage of eternal happiness.

The 4 Quarters of Life

Life has a purpose. To discover this purpose, we must divide our life into 4 Quarters. The First Quarter is all about Learning while the Second Quarter focuses on Earning. The Third Quarter is meant for us to start our journey towards the ultimate goal of life, Enlightenment, and in our final Quarter, we must attain this final goal of Enlightenment. Enlightenment liberates us from all suffering and from the Karmic cycle of death and rebirth. Unfortunately, today, man only focuses on the first two Quarters of life. As a result, he suffers. This book will inspire you to live a complete life, Quarter by Quarter, so that you can live with bliss and everlasting happiness.


Do you believe in Rebirth or does the mystery of Rebirth still haunt you? We know that death is certain but is death the end or is it just a bend? Is there something beyond death? While birth and death are certain, we wonder whether Rebirth is a reality or not. Those who contemplate and ask relevant questions like – Why is a little child born blind? What happens to us after we die? We leave but where do we go? Are heaven or hell real? Does the Law of Karma actually exist?’, they solve the mystery of death. This book will help you discover the secret of escaping from the cycle of Death and Rebirth.

The Spiritual Jigsaw Puzzle

Are you seeking eternal happiness and everlasting peace? Are you in search of the ultimate purpose of life? Then this is the perfect book for you. The 100 Realizations in this book are the 100 pieces of the Spiritual Jigsaw Puzzle, that, once put together, will lead you to be enlightened with the Truth, the ultimate purpose of life. The enlightened picture liberates us from the body, mind and ego, and we become free from all misery and suffering. Our search for God ends. We Realize the Divine in the temple of our heart, experiencing a spiritual ecstasy unknown to common man. This book will help you put the pieces of the Spiritual Jigsaw Puzzle together and create a metamorphosis in your life.

LIVE LIFE… Moment by Moment

What is Life? Neither is Life a journey from birth to death, nor is it the number of years we live on earth. Life is about ‘now’. This moment is Life. If we lose this moment, we lose Life.

Unfortunately, most of us let Life escape us. We don’t live. We just exist! We fail to make the best of each moment. But those who discover the secret to live Life moment by moment are the ones who truly live with happiness and joy. This book will inspire you to Live Life in the now, moment by moment! It will help you discover how you can make the most of Life.

Many Problems…One Solution

Everybody has problems. Some people have money-related problems, some face challenges due to health. There are people who live with fear, worry, jealousy, stress, anxiety, depression, even with the thought of suicide. The list is endless!

Is there a way out of this suffering? The one solution to all problems lies in overcoming our ignorance, in Realizing the Truth, in Enlightenment. This book has the secret! Start the journey to a problem-free life today!

World Peace! A Simple Solution

The world is in pieces. It is fragmented by differences, endless disputes and wars. We all want Peace, yet Peace eludes us. There is a simple solution to attain World Peace! What is the way out of these conflicts? If only we Realize the Truth of who we truly are and why we are here, all this bloodshed will end and this world will become a Peaceful Heaven on earth. But for the world to transform, we must first transform ourselves. This insightful and inspiring book by AiR offers a simple but sure solution for World Peace.

When you overcome the FEAR of DEATH, You start to LIVE

The fear of death stops us from living life. While we are all ‘alive’, we are paralyzed by fear. FEAR is a False Expectation Appearing Real, but when we fear death, we are unable to move. We begin to live with phobias. We become paranoid. Everything we do makes us fear that we will die. And because we fear we will die, we refrain from doing things that otherwise we could do. Unless we overcome the fear of death, we don’t really start to live. Are you living with fear or are you living with faith? This book will help you overcome the fear of death and inspire you to celebrate every moment of life!

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

This book, based on the ancient and beautiful chant Satyam Shivam Sundaram will help us realize a profound truth, that Beauty is Divinity. The book reveals the meaning of the powerful mantra – The Truth is God is Beautiful. It makes us experience and see God in everything beautiful. Everything that seems beautiful, is beautiful because of the Divine. The moment the Divine departs, the beauty also departs. This book will help us Realize the Divine in the very Temple of our heart. It will change the way we pray. It will help us build a closer connection with God and make us experience Ananda , Eternal Bliss and Everlasting Peace.

The Law of Attraction

Many of us believe in the Law of Attraction. We believe that we can attract whatever we want in life by wishing for it and thinking about it, that we can realize our dreams through this magical, mystical law. But is this true? Then why is it that some people aren’t able to translate their dreams into reality, despite believing in this law?

It is because they do not look deeper to discover the ‘real secret’ within the Law of Attraction. It is the ‘Law of Action’, popularly known as Karma that actually works.

This book will not only show us how to use the Law of Attraction and the Law of Action to make our dreams come true, but it will take us beyond this to reveal the secret of a blissful and peaceful life that is free of all misery and sorrow.

Neti Neti, Tat Twam Asi – Not This, Not This, Thou Art That

What is the way for a common man to be enlightened? What is the key to opening the door to the realization of the truth? It is Neti Neti, Tat Twam Asi, Not This, Not This, Thou Art That. To realize the Truth of ‘Who am I?’, the first thing we must discover is ‘Who I am not’. Unless there is a negation ‘Who I am not’, we can never realize who we truly are. Neti, Neti opens the door to this Realization.



SatChitAnanda. ..Consciousness of the Truth is Bliss!
Is there a way to Eternal Bliss and Everlasting Peace? Yes! There is. If one overcomes the myth and realizes the truth and lives in Consciousness of the truth, then one can attain a state of Ananda , Bliss that knows no misery or sorrow.
This book will show you the way to Satchitananda ,
how to live in the Chit of Sat , Consciousness of Truth !


Peace: When the Monkey becomes a Monk

We human beings are enveloped in deep darkness of ignorance. We seek Peace of mind but we don’t realize that Peace is not an external thing. It is our original state. It is our own mind that steals our Peace by constantly jumping from thought to thought. It craves and desires and we lose our Peace. Unless we tame the Monkey Mind and make it into a Monk, we will never be able to experience true Bliss. This book will show us the way.


Life Manual

We all know how to use and make the most of our gadgets and gizmos because we read the Operating Manual of each device or appliance that we buy. Unfortunately, we have not read the Operating Manual of Life. We don’t realize what Life is all about, and before we know it, life is over. We are left with regrets that we did not do what we wanted to do. Instead of living a life of Joy and Peace, we suffer in misery and sorrow.

This book can change all that. It is a Life Manual that has guidelines on how to make the best of our life. It inspires us with ‘the do’s and the don’ts,’ as it discloses what this product called ‘Life’ is all about. Each chapter investigates an important aspect of life that will help us, and lead us to enjoying every moment that we live. The ‘Troubleshooting Guide’ and ‘FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions’ at the end of the book not only make for an interesting read, but also comprehensively address challenges we all face.

We have read so many Manuals, and we have become experts in operating the gadgets in our life. Now, it’s time to read a Manual about Life itself. Discover how to live Life!

100 Diamond Quotes

100 Diamond Quotes

100 Diamond Quotes is a unique book. It is worth its weight in gold. It carries a treasure of a 100 Quotes written by AiR, each more precious than the exotic gems in a king’s crown. Whatever wealth we create while on earth, we leave it behind when we die. What will we take with us? A treasure that is eternal and that treasure is in this book. It carries secrets of eternal bliss and everlasting joy. These priceless quotes can transform our life. They can open the door to the Divine and liberate us from all misery and suffering. This is a treasure chest more valuable than all the wealth that we may have or dream of having. May these 100 Diamond Quotes make you the wealthiest person in the world!



Many of us do not realize that it is our Ego that is the cause for us not realizing God within. The Ego distances our self from God. God actually lives in the temple of our heart as per the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads. Still, we are unable to find God, to realize God. Why? It is because of the Ego. If we remove the ‘E’ or the ‘I’ from the Ego, then the ‘D’, the ‘Divine’ will appear. If we remove the Ego, we will find God!

This powerful book will transform your life. It will show you the way to God, just as it will guide you on how to let go of your Ego. It will open the door to eternal peace and everlasting joy!

But We Pray

We pray, but do we really know to whom we are praying? We say, but do we really understand what we are saying? Most of us have not realized the truth about God. God is not the statue that we pray to, nor is God a saint. God is a Power, a Universal Power. Moreover, we recite from scriptures, we chant mantras and sing devotional songs, but we still don’t understand the meaning of our prayers. Should we not realize the truth about God and then pray? Should we not make our prayers effective so that our communication with God works? This book will unlock the door to true prayer as it will help us realize God, not in some temple, mosque or church, but as we search for the truth, we will realize God in the temple of our heart!



What is the Soul? Do you have a Soul? Will your Soul go to heaven after you die? Haven’t you heard such questions about the Soul? But what is the truth that remains unknown to humanity?

The myth of the Soul is one of the greatest mysteries in the world and one that most people have not been able to unravel. We live and die thinking that we have a Soul. Most of us believe that our Soul will be reborn. We also think that there are ‘good’ Souls and ‘bad’ Souls, but we have not realized the truth about the Soul.

When a person dies, we say, “May his Soul rest in peace”, or “Let us pray for the departed Soul.” Little do we realize that we are completely ignorant about the truth of the Soul!

This book will help us overcome the mystery of the Soul and help us realize that we don’t have a Soul, we are the Soul! This realization will liberate us from all the misery and suffering of the world.


F E A R – False Expectations Appearing Real



Today, the world is in panic. The entire world has shut down. Why? Because of fear. If this virus caused only a fever and cough, would the world have shut down? No! We fear death. We believe that the virus will kill us when in reality, the virus is not killing as many people as we fear it would. This is not like the pandemic of 1918 which killed one-third of the world population. When will we realize the difference between fear and danger? Dangers are real, fears are imaginary. This book by AiR, FEAR – False Expectations Appearing Real will make you flip over from living a life of negative emotions to positive emotions. It will help you build faith and courage as you face these corona times, not with fear, but with faith!

– AiR

The Ladder to Heaven

Is there a Ladder to Heaven? If we pray, will we be able to go to Heaven? Is there really a place called Heaven? Has anybody gone there?

Heaven is nothing but being with God! The Ladder to Heaven by AiR entails a step by step method that will help us climb the virtual Ladder to Heaven and unite us with God!

Life is

What is life all about? Are we meant to just live and die? Is there a larger purpose or deeper meaning to life?

Life is Liberation from Ignorance and Finding true Enlightenment is an interesting dialogue between a seeker and his Guru that can help you on your own spiritual quest towards liberation, freedom from all misery and suffering; the realization of the Truth and God-realization.

Why bad things can’t happen to good people

Why bad things can’t happen to good people by AiR is a powerful, spiritually inspiring book that explores the universal Law of Cause and Effect and explains that we only reap what we sow and thus, bad things can never happen to us if we are good.


Religion ! A Kindergarten to Spirituality!!

This book will help you go beyond the kindergarten of Spirituality, your own Religion and graduate you to become a master in Spirituality and help you achieve the Ultimate Goal of Self-Realization and God Realization.

The Ultimate Goal of Life MEN- Moksha Enlightenment Nirvana

The Ultimate Goal of Life… MEN…Moksha, Enlightenment, Nirvana, by AiR is a book on spirituality that discusses spiritual concepts and hopes to guide people towards the realization of the truth, empowering us to live with meaning, purpose and joy.

The True Meaning of Yoga

What is the true meaning of Yoga? Is it an exercise of body and mind? If you go on a quest, you will know this is a myth.What it truly is, you will find

True Love is Bliss Not just a Kiss

True Love is bliss, not just a kiss. It is sad that Love which is the source of joy and happiness, is not understood by the world. The world thinks of Love to be just hugs and kisses, romance and sex. Is this True Love? No. True Love is Love from the Soul. It is Divine Love that manifests as Love from the day we are born to the day we die. Stop! Discover True Love and live your life with eternal bliss and joy.

Life! Realized!!

The present book is a personal reflection of the author who has written several books on life, happiness, and almost everything that matters in the life journey. Like anybody else, he too spent many years of his life chasing success and money but then, he took an exit from this first peak of happiness – Achievement, transformed his life and started living with Contentment and Fulfillment. He realized that what mattered the most was his Life Realization. There were many questions in his mind and after a profound investigation he discovered the Truth. He decided to pen down all his realizations together to share them with the world. Those who wish to start a quest of self-realization and God-realization must read this book as it will direct them towards the path which will help them realize the Truth.

God = Happiness

We understand what it means to be happy, especially when we compare it to those times when we are miserable and unhappy. But how exactly is our state of joy or sorrow connected to God, remains a mystery. Yes, we pray thinking of God as somebody in heaven who has a magic wand with which he controls our Happiness. But is this true or is there something else that we are ignorant about? In his quest to discover Truth and the purpose of life, the author found answers that liberated him from misery and sorrow. He also realized that people didn’t know where exactly to search for Happiness. All pray to God but do we know the Real Truth about God? We may believe in any religion but that hardly matters, because God is beyond religion. While we evolve in life, we don’t Spiritually evolve to realize that God is far more powerful than what we imagine. This book is not about religion. It takes us far beyond religion to Realize the Truth about God and how God is Happiness.

Success is not Happiness… Happiness is Success

Everybody wants to succeed. If one goes deep into the psychology of winning, one will realize that people want to win because this makes them Happy, just as failure makes them miserable. People want to succeed and they do everything possible to win because they want to be Happy. In fact, humanity, by and large, believes that Success is like a cause, of which Happiness is the effect. In the present book the readers will discover the reality that Success equals Happiness is an illusion. No doubt Success creates a sense of gratification that makes us Happy but Real Happiness is beyond achievement. It is contentment and fulfillment. It’s time for us to realize the Truth. Instead of chasing Success to be Happy, we should try to be Happy.

Suffer No More

Suffer No More is a personal experience of overcoming anguish, anxiety, distress, and grief. We all suffer physical pain. Who on earth can escape from it? But while there is pain, can we do away with the suffering? What is suffering? While we all experience it, have we gone on a quest to understand what the primary cause of misery is? We live in this ignorance, this myth, that suffering is an unavoidable part of life. We can be free from suffering if only we realize that we are the prisoners of negative emotions that continue to make us miserable. Suffer No More is an analysis of suffering, what causes it and how we can overcome it. If one wants to truly live with eternal joy and everlasting peace, it’s possible! This book will help you Realize the Truth and Suffer No More!

Questions You Must Answer Before You DIE!

Questions You Must Answer Before You DIE!

Most of us live and die but we don’t ask the question – Why? We just exist! We don’t want to invest time in asking essential questions which are actually needed to lead a fulfilling and blissful life. There are so many critical questions that we must answer before our journey of life is over. What will happen to us after we die? Who created this universe? How can we be Happy all the time? Who is God, where is God, what is God? Like this, there are so many questions which we are ignorant about and somehow, we believe that ignorance is bliss. We blissfully live in ignorance till we die. Isn’t it time to stop and ask questions?

Be Happy in the Now!

Be Happy in the Now!

Every human being on earth wants to be Happy. There is nobody who enjoys pain. People want to achieve Happiness but they fail to realize that Happiness is the journey itself, not the destination. Then, what is the secret of eternal joy, bliss, and peace? It is being Happy in the NOW. Every time we let the suffering of yesterday take charge of our life, we destroy the joy of today. When our thoughts anxiously jump into what may happen in the future, we lose the tranquility of the present moment. We seem to be like helpless monkeys jumping from one branch to another, from yesterday to tomorrow. And in the bargain, we lose the gift of being Happy in the present. With this book, AiR hopes to inspire people to live life moment by moment, if they really want to be Happy.

The 4th Factor

Man thinks that he can achieve anything. He believes that there is nothing in this world he can’t do. But, he doesn’t realize that his efforts and equipment are not enough to decide the results of his actions. Sometimes, he does his best but things don’t work out the way he wants. He then realizes the importance of the 4th Factor, a factor that makes the possible, possible and without its consent even the possible becomes impossible.

Who Are You & Why Are You Here?

‘Who are you and why are you’ here is a simple book which challenges us to discover the secret of our life. Most of us think we are the body-mind complex, but in reality, we are not. The body will die and return to dust. Where is the mind, we cannot find. Who are we in reality? And beyond that what is the purpose of life on earth. This book will give you all the answers.

The A to Z of Karma

Most people are aware of the concept of Karma – the Law. What you give is what you get. But not everybody knows the A to Z of Karma, that we can actually transcend Karma, escape from it and achieve Moksha, Nirvana, Liberation or Enlightenment. This book reveals the secret – of eternal joy and peace – a life without any misery or suffering.

Who is God? Where is God? What is God?

Well, this might seem to be a simple set of questions, but nobody really knows the answers. We all know that God exists. We pray to a God as per our religion but what is the Truth about God? Has anybody seen God? Where is God? This simple book will change your perception and belief about God and bring you closer to this Power called God. It will help you realize God.


This book authored by AiR challenges us to think that whateve is happening in life is not real. It is nothing but a drama. The earth is a big stage, and we are all actors who come and go. There is no need to worry and cry till we die. If we understand the Truth, we can enjoy the show called life.

The Mind is a Rascal

Can you believe that the mind is a rascal? You always thought that the mind is king – it is everything. But just try this. Sit quietly for an hour, and try to find the mind. Where is it? You will find the mind doesn’t exist. This amazing book by AiR will teach us that the mind is our enemy. It is the one that makes us suffer. It is time to find the rascal and to kill it. How do you do it?

I am Not I Who am I?

I am not I. Who am I? – is a very interesting book by AiR, which talks of his quest and realization that we are not who we think we are. We have a house, but we are not the house. We have a car, but we are not the car. We have a body, but we are not the body. We may have a mind, but we are not the mind. Who are we? Realize the Truth.

Death is not ”The End” Death is ”Liberation”

Death is Not “The End”. Death is “Liberation” – the second book in the series of books on death by AiR – touches upon the secret of the Kathopanishad, which talks about what happens at death. One of two things happen – if we think we are the body and mind as a doer, we are reborn. But if we think we are not the body and mind, but the Energy, we are liberated to eternal joy and peace.

I Will Never Die Death is Not “The End”

In the journey of his life, AiR realized many Truths. One of the Truths was that he would never die. The body will die, but the one who lives in the body never dies. We are not the bodies that we wear; we are the ones who wear the body. Death is not the end. It is a bend to transcend. This book reveals the Truth about Death.

My Guru My Mentor My God on Earth

My Guru, My Mentor, My God on Earth is a book by AiR in which he shares his experiences with his Guru who was not just his Guru and Mentor, but also his God on Earth. We all need a coach, a teacher to help us understand, guide us to live life and this book “My Guru” will inspire you to find your Guru or to make your relationship with your Guru more fulfilling and meaningful.

3 Peaks of Happiness

3 Peaks of Happiness by AiR is a simple book that talks about the quest of all humanity. Everybody wants to be Happy. But is everybody Happy? No. The reason is we are stuck on the first peak of Happiness – Achievement. 20% of the people are lucky to climb the second peak of Happiness – Fulfillment, which comes from contentment. But there is a third peak beyond. The third peak of Happiness will liberate you from the prisons of misery and sorrow and give you eternal Joy and bliss.


‘Talaash’ means Search or Quest. This book by AiR is his personal journey to realize the Truth where he shares his realization that we are not the body and the mind that we seem to be. We are a power. The Divine life force is known as Soul, Spirit or Atman. This search and quest by AiR made him transform his life. It is a quest that made him realize the Truth. It might be just that book that inspires you to Liberation.