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How to Live a Spiritual Life in a Material world?

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As I move forward in my mission
To help people Realize the Truth
After I have evolved myself
And have got to the bottom of the root
I share a way to eternal peace
To bliss and happiness
And show in a noisy, material world
How Divine a Spiritual life is

Spirituality is not that complicated jargon
That mystery we learned in school
Spirituality is not giving up the world
You can’t do it, O fool!
Spirituality is discovering the eternal Truth
We are not the ego, the body, the mind
Spirituality is discovering who we are
The Divine Soul we find

Don’t we suffer many a crisis
Caused by desire, passion and greed?
Don’t we often get disappointed
Trying to fulfil our need?
Don’t we get caught in the struggle
Of duty, lust, and shame
Chasing money, success, and achievement
Crying every day in this game

Oh! What will people say
It is better if we follow the herd!’
We don’t have the courage
To fly like a bird
We seem to be trapped in ignorance
Living with anger, revenge, and hate
These are the real-life stories
That imprison us behind the gate

But some of us begin the journey
We start a Divine quest
We don’t accept, we ask questions
Putting every belief to test
We want to know ‘Who am I?’
Where is heaven and God?
Are we the Soul? Will we be reborn
And become one with our Lord?

We blindly believe our religion
And follow what scriptures tell
We pray with devotion to our Lord
Hoping to reach heaven, not hell
We get trapped in rituals and superstitions
Not knowing what we do
And soon our life is over
It’s time to bid adieu

But what is life all about
How will we get to know?
We learn how to use our gadgets
But what is this life-show?
What is the purpose of our life
Why did we come to earth?
Who will tell us what life is
And the purpose of this human birth?

Then somebody said, ‘It’s Spirituality’
Let’s live a Spiritual life
Let’s give up this material world
That is full of misery and strife
But how to discover that Divine Spirit
The Power that lives within?
How to transcend the body and mind
And go beneath the skin?

Everybody wants happiness
Who wants to live in pain?
Everybody wants to make a profit
We want pleasure, we don’t want pain
But while we are chasing pleasure
Like shadows in the material world
In the end, all we have are tears
As our life, our years have swirled

We live in this world of love
Thinking love is just a kiss
We create relationships
But True love, we sadly miss
Hearts and hugs and Valentine’s
Is not what True love is
We don’t discover Divine Spiritual love
That fills our life with bliss

What exactly is it to live
A Spiritual life, do you know?
Will you discover this amazing journey
Before it is time to go?
Will you realize that life is not
Just a crazy race?
And get out of this material prison
Get out of this miserable maze

Life is a gift for us to live
It is all about the ‘now’
Can we be happy tomorrow?
Can anybody tell us how?
The only way to happiness
The only way to bliss
Is to live life moment by moment
That’s actually what life is

The fact is that we are not this body
This body will one day die
Though there are so many thoughts
The mind seems to just pass by
The fact is we are the Divine Spirit
We are the immortal Soul
To Realize this Truth is our purpose
It is our life’s ultimate goal

We don’t have to give up this world
To live a Spiritual life
We can live in this physical body
And cut the world with a knife
If only we discover the Divine Truth
Before we fly in the sky
What is the purpose of coming here
Finding out, ‘Who am I?’

Human beings have a Divine gift
With the intellect they can choose
We have been given an opportunity
Which we must not lose
We can just live in this material world
And soon we will be gone
The body will die, but the mind and ego
With Karma will be reborn

But some of us are lucky
We choose a Spiritual life
We are not caught in this material world
With our children and our family life
We overcome ignorance, Realize the Truth
From the material world, we are free
And live a life of eternal Bliss
Being who we are meant to be

So, if you want to find a way
To live with peace and bliss
To escape misery in this material world
And discover true happiness
Then, stop running in this mad race
And get out of the maze
Live a Divine Spiritual life
Live with Divine grace

You don’t have to give up this world
To live a Spiritual life
Living in this material world
There is a way out of all strife
If only we discover who we are
And why we are here
We can live as the Divine Spirit
Every day of every year

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