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  1. Agastya Shetty says:

    This poem Inspired me!!
    I stopped believing in God and How shall l start again?

    • AiR says:

      I wonder why you stopped believing in God. Imagine that I have a Samsung phone and I stopped believing in Samsung service centers, or Samsung the manufacturer. Who will take care of my equipment? Our body and mind are the creation of a power, a power we call God. How can we stop believing in our Creator? Please start believing in the Creator immediately – from this very moment. Understand God is the Creator. Don’t think God is a saint, or a person. No, God is not a statue, God is a power.

  2. Bhoomi krisna says:

    I have read the poem and its interesting but How can you prove god exists or does not exist?

    • AiR says:

      How do you prove that the law of gravity exists? There is no proof, but you don’t deny that it exists. You know it, right? You know that you stand firmly on the ground because there is a law of gravity, otherwise, you would be flying in the sky. This is called inference. Similarly, we can infer that there is a Creator who made the earth, who made the sky, who made life on earth, the mountains, the oceans. There is a Creator. There is no proof, that is why it’s called faith. Where proof is possible, faith is impossible.

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