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The World is a Cosmic Drama

Have you ever imagined this Earth to be a huge stagea stage that is hosting a mega drama? The biggest show you could ever imagine? Can you ever imagine this humongous Earth to be nothing more than a platform where a show called “LIFE” is being staged? 8 billion people in one show!

Most of us can’t! We think life is real. Unlike dreams, which we all know are not real, we think that our “waking life” is real. In reality, life is also a myth, a mirage, and an illusion. Just like dreams are unreal, everything that’s happening on Earth is just a drama, a show. Because we are unaware that life is a drama, we suffer.

We come with nothing and we go empty-handed, but we start believing that everything is ours. The one who plays Alexander the Great on the stage called Earth doesn’t realize that he is no better than Alexander the world conqueror on the movie screen. Only here on earth, he, unfortunately, thinks that he is truly a king who owns everything. He doesn’t believe that it is a drama where he is playing the role of Alexander.

Would you go to a movie and be worried about what you see on the screen? Would you fear a tiger chasing the actor on a television screen? Of course you wouldn’t, though some ignorant people do because they think it is real. Most intelligent people know that a movie is just a movie and television is just an entertainment box. It is not real. But unfortunately, most of humanity believes the Cosmic Drama to be real. Thus, we fret and fume. We hurry and worry. We zoom to our tomb, stressed and frustrated. Would we behave negatively if we knew that this was just a drama? Our misunderstanding of the truth is the cause of our tensions.


We are actors in a show produced by the Creator!  

We should realize that there is a producer–director of this Cosmic Drama called Life. He is the one who has produced the show. He has written the script, chosen the actors, produced and directed everything that happens on the earth stage. We are all actors. We come on this earth stage, perform our part in the Cosmic Drama and we go. We start our role with birth and end it with death. We have to play the part of a son or daughter, a brother or sister and go on to become a father or mother. It is all part of the storyboard. As actors, whatever is our role, we must achieve our goal, doing our best and making the drama a success.


This Cosmic Drama is truly an amazing show! It is beyond human comprehension and so intriguing and engrossing that humanity hasn’t been able to understand it. And, we consider this drama to be real. Although we are just actors, we get attached to our role in the drama. We become emotional with whatever happens on the stage, not realizing that after all, it is just a ‘show’. This show, like any theatrical show, is full of action, fun, suspense, excitement and mystery.


The biggest problem is that we don’t enjoy the show. We find fault with other actors, we question everything that is happening on the stage forgetting that it is just a drama. We don’t enjoy the amazing show that is unfolding before us moment by moment. We don’t realize that our life is a part of this amazing drama and whatever is happening on the earth stage is not real.


Death is but a Bend to Transcend!  

There are a few who realize this truth. They live a life of eternal joy and peace. In the theatre called “LIFE”, there is no end. Death is only a bend to transcend. But we don’t realize it. We think life has a start and death is the end. But we don’t realize that after the show is over, we have to continue, playing another role with different costumes and a different name in a different story. If we realize the truth that life is a drama and we are just actors who come and go, we can really enjoy the show called LIFE!


Finally, there are a few who Realize the Truth about the ‘Life Show’. They get liberated and escape from this cycle of coming and going from the earth stage.


“Life is a Drama. We come and we go. But before the curtains are drawn, we must Enjoy the Show!” – AiR


November 15th, 2018


  1. Shailendra Mohan Jain says:

    No doubt it is a drama and the primary purpose of the show can only be enjoy the show.
    But as you said attachment with the role is the beginning of misery which can only be ended by true understanding and REAL-I-SATION.

  2. Arun says:

    When we say it’s a drama, everything is included in it. There is nothing called good or bad. If someone is doing bad, it’s a role and whether I look at it as a role or not is again just a role, so I or anyone cannot be knowledgeful or ignorant. To put it simple, nothing is outside the drama, nothing is under anybody’s control or nothing is real. The main difference in this drama is actors are not aware of the fact that it is drama which is again according to the eternal script. If someone is trying to or able to understand then it was again in the script, there must be some consequences to it as drama wants it. But, even being aware of this secret of drama, we will never be free. Being happy, feeling blissful is again an act. Another important difference is here the actors are souls who play different roles across multiple lives and there is no audience. Nobody created it, it just exists eternally. It’s the wonder of this nature. But, this is not a dream. Everything exists physically. Another difference, we, the actors, actually feel happiness and sorrow, not only act, as if it’s real. It’s a real drama, not artificial. Everything that’s happening around the cosmos is fixed beforehand. Now, the most important aspect of drama is, it’s repetitive. Like a movie. It’s duration is 5000 years and now we are at the end of another cycle. It is a beginning-less and end-less eternal drama. The god is just another actor, call him hero or the father. He plays his role during the last hundred years of each cycle and gives us this knowledge. He is the only actor who is beyond birth and death. He comes and enters in a human which is also fixed in the drama and transforms this world from Kalyug to Satyug and the cycle repeats. Souls go back to incorporeal world and rest there, there is no activity there, no life and nothing. Time to time they keep coming down to earth on their fixed time. Once come down, they cannot go back until the end. They will keep taking birth after birth and hence population always keeps growing. The world becomes degraded day by day and it increases exponentially. For 2500 years, it was heaven on this earth and then it becomes hell and finally like this as we see today.