AiR– Atman in Ravi is a spiritual mentor, happiness ambassador, speaker, transformational author and a philanthropist, who is on a mission to help people discover the way to Eternal Happiness through Enlightenment.

Started with nothing…
Became something…Achieved everything, Only to realize we are nothing!

AiR himself lived a material life, chasing wealth, success, fame and fortune before he turned to Spirituality. An iconic entrepreneur and a successful businessman, AiR walked away from the retail empire he had created when he was 40 years old and decided to dedicate his time, energy and efforts to making a difference doing – Humanitarian, Inspirational and Spiritual work. AiR opened two destitute homes known as AiR Humanitarian Homes spread across Bengaluru, that today, care for over 500+ homeless and needy people – their food, clothing, medicines and hospitalization.

About AiR-Atman in Ravi Speaker Singer Writer Philanthropist Mentor Entrepreneur

AiR started his life being religious. He built a Shiva temple in 1995. It was his Guru, Dada, JP Vaswani, who compelled him to introspect on the meaning and purpose of life, inspiring him to go on a quest. Subsequently, AiR realized that God lives in the temple of our heart and he changed the name of the temple to Shivoham Shiva temple. Now, he doesn’t pray TO Shiva but prays THROUGH Shiva, to SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power that is nameless and formless, birthless and deathless, the Divine Power that is everywhere, in everything.

AiR’s quest led to his transformation and metamorphosis. AiR realized that he was not who he appeared to be. His name had only been given to him — it was not his true identity. Not the body, mind and ego, AiR realized that he is the Soul, Atman, Spirit; that we are all manifestations of the Divine. He gave up his given name and became AiR – Atman in Ravi. AiR, now, lives as an instrument of God, doing His Divine Will. In his own words:

In order to help him realize his mission, and to reach out to the global community of seekers, AiR has founded the AiR Institute of Realization. He has also established the AiR Centre of Enlightenment, a Spiritual centre, especially for seekers, who are new in their Spiritual journey, eager to learn and
explore Spirituality and evolve on their path towards Enlightenment. Not restricted to seekers of Enlightenment, it also welcomes those who seek joy, peace, happiness.

For the past several years, AiR has been urging people to discover the purpose of life and guiding them to live with meaning and purpose, joy and bliss. He believes that Spirituality is not about renouncing or leaving the world and living in austerity, as a hermit or looking like a sage, but living in the world with the realization of the truth. AiR maintains that while religion helps build faith in God, it is spirituality that leads us to God-realization. This is why we are born — to be free from the Karmic cycle of death and birth and become one with the Divine.

AiR has published over 70 books on life, happening, God, death, Enlightenment and composed and sung about 1500 Bhajans, written several blogs, quotes, and poems. AiR conducts Spiritual Retreats and organizes talks to help people evolve on their spiritual journey.

He is a TEDx speaker and is invited to speak at organizations including the YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization), Rotary Club, Lions Club, and at corporates and universities. He conducts webinars every day on Zoom and Facebook Live to help people realize the ultimate purpose of life.

Over the years, AiR’s Spiritual guidance has helped people from all walks of life — not only seekers, but also the common man who is lost and confused and seeks solace, comfort and happiness. AiR has been able to help people understand life, attain personal growth, evolve on the path of Spirituality and live with peace and happiness. A revered Spiritual leader, he has been featured in podcasts by other Spiritual leaders including Jaya Kishori and celebrities such as Siddarth Kannan, RJ Karthik, Malaika Arora, Karan Johar and many more. AiR can be followed on social media, as a Spiritual Master on Speaking Tree, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify.

AiR is available on Zoom on ‘Ask AiR’ every evening at 8 pm to answer questions that people may have related to life, death, happiness, suffering, God, Karma, spirituality, God, afterlife and to guide people on the path of spirituality, towards Enlightenment, God-Realization.

If you have any questions on Happiness,

Suffering, Life, Death, Rebirth, Karma, Liberation,
Enlightenment or anything related to Spirituality.


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Sweejal PoojarySweejal Poojary
10:06 15 Nov 23
Amazing experience. Best spiritual organisation.
Latha RameshLatha Ramesh
04:48 17 Sep 23
Place next to heaven, would want to dwell forever. Divinity at its best. Peace Solace Serenity as a whole.
Akshay PandeyAkshay Pandey
11:34 28 Jul 22
It was an amazing & enlightening experience reading your book. My heartly thanks to writer of the books for explaining everything in simplest possible way.I have even shared my books with my friends after reading it.You are doing a great job.I would like to have a visit someday, if possible.
09:34 25 Jul 22
With ups and downs in my teens, I always wondered if a supernatural entity is out there. After doing a lot of research I was still inconclusive. Learning about AiR's philosophy has helped me articulate my understandings about spirituality. We don't usually get to see ancient scriptures, or vedas in simplified forms without losing their meaning. AiR as an author has managed to overcome that challenge. If you're found lost in thoughts often about life and existence, his books may be of some help in what to think and ask around.
Rekha ParwaniRekha Parwani
10:20 27 Nov 19
This is a place where you can get ultimate peace. AIR books are written very well. Simple and easy to understand. His book My Guru My Mentor. My God on Earth is very good. He has written about his Guru. And how he changed his life. And the importance of a Guru. Who only can take ur from darkness to light. Through a true Guru only we can seek our lord.
Sudeep BhargavaSudeep Bhargava
07:28 27 Nov 19
Hinduism is more of a philosophy or a way of life than a religion with just one book. Going through the Hindu scriptures like Bhagwad Geeta and Upanishads was always a tough task for me. Honestly it was because of the language and way of explanation.Books written by AiR are very easy to understand. Even with simple language he is able to explain even the most difficult concepts of spiritualism.The books are a classical example of गागर में सागर.