I am a Soul,Soul is SIP, I am SIP, SIP is in all

I am a SOUL. Soul is SIP. I am SIP. SIP is in all. We live in ignorance thinking that we are the body that we appear to be but we don’t realize the truth that we are neither the body nor the Mind and Ego, in reality, we are the SOUL, the Spark Of Unique Life. The SOUL is also nothing but SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power that is everywhere, in everything.

These four phrases are identical to the 4 Mahavakyas of the Vedas and the Upanishads which are as follows: Tat Twam Asi; Ayam Atma Brahma; Aham Brahmasmi; Prajnanam Brahma. These 4 phrases will lead us to Self-Realization and then to God-Realization. This book can help us attain the ultimate goal of life — Moksha.