Life is Karma

Life is Karma. As life unfolds day after day, we are confronted with circumstances, good and bad, and we wonder why things are happening the way they are. Is it luck, chance, serendipity or is it God instructing what should happen in our lives? It is none of these. It is Karma. Karma is a Law of Action, a Law of Action and Reaction, which is based on the principle, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap.’ Everything that is happening in our life is unfolding as per Karma. But we don’t realize that it is twin Karma, one, the Karma of the past which we cannot change, and second, the Karma of the present which depends on our free will, our choice of action that we choose based on our intellect. But it is not as simple as this. Everything that we do in life creates Karma. And even after we die, our Karma continues with our Mind and Ego, ME that takes rebirth on earth along with its karma. This book ‘Life is Karma’ explains everything about Karma, and beyond, how we can be liberated from Karma and be united with the Divine.