Life Manual

We all know how to use and make the most of our gadgets and gizmos because we read the Operating Manual of each device or appliance that we buy. Unfortunately, we have not read the Operating Manual of Life. We don’t realize what Life is all about, and before we know it, life is over. We are left with regrets that we did not do what we wanted to do. Instead of living a life of Joy and Peace, we suffer in misery and sorrow.

This book can change all that. It is a Life Manual that has guidelines on how to make the best of our life. It inspires us with ‘the do’s and the don’ts,’ as it discloses what this product called ‘Life’ is all about. Each chapter investigates an important aspect of life that will help us, and lead us to enjoying every moment that we live. The ‘Troubleshooting Guide’ and ‘FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions’ at the end of the book not only make for an interesting read, but also comprehensively address challenges we all face.

We have read so many Manuals, and we have become experts in operating the gadgets in our life. Now, it’s time to read a Manual about Life itself. Discover how to live Life!