Shivoham: God is everywhere, in everything

Shivoham literally means Shivo (Lord Shiva) + Aham (me). I am Shiva! But in reality, it is the Realization of the truth, it is Enlightenment that I am nothing, not this body, mind and ego, I am the Divine Soul. I am part of the Supreme Immortal Power, SIP. I am Shiva. Shiva is not in a temple, Shiva lives in the temple of our heart. It is for us to realize what Adi Shankara said in the 8th century, Chidanand Rupah Shivoham Shivoham. The reality of our existence is the Power of the Divine. This book will take you through from Om Namah Shivaya to Shivoham, from religion to Spirituality, from faith in God to realizing God.