What is the Soul? Do you have a Soul? Will your Soul go to heaven after you die? Haven’t you heard such questions about the Soul? But what is the truth that remains unknown to humanity?

The myth of the Soul is one of the greatest mysteries in the world and one that most people have not been able to unravel. We live and die thinking that we have a Soul. Most of us believe that our Soul will be reborn. We also think that there are ‘good’ Souls and ‘bad’ Souls, but we have not realized the truth about the Soul.

When a person dies, we say, “May his Soul rest in peace”, or “Let us pray for the departed Soul.” Little do we realize that we are completely ignorant about the truth of the Soul!

This book will help us overcome the mystery of the Soul and help us realize that we don’t have a Soul, we are the Soul! This realization will liberate us from all the misery and suffering of the world.