Stop it, Stupid!

How often have you felt that you have been stupid, and you could not stop the stupidity! If you want to put an end to your stupidity, this book is just the book for you. In this book, AiR shares a simple tool that will help you stop being a fool, a Mantra, we never learned in school! All you have to say is, ‘Stop it, Stupid!’ to yourself when you feel like a fool, and you will see the magic. We human beings are the only ones blessed with the power of the Intellect. We can discriminate, and we can choose. We have been gifted with the willpower to change. However, as long as we are slaves to the Mind and Ego, ME, we will continue to do stupid things. This Mantra is a result of AiR’s own personal experience, an outcome of his journey of self-realization.