The 10 Commandments of Detached Attachment

What are the Commandments to live a life of Detachment? What are the 10 Commandments which can liberate us from all attachments? These 10 Commandments will not only show us how to live a life of Detached Attachment but will also lead us to a life of eternal happiness, Divine love and everlasting peace. It is common for us human beings to get attached to our possessions, to relationships, to the people we love. This is is because of ignorance. This is because we do not resolve to live a life which gives us freedom, which gives us peace, which gives us happiness. If only we learn to live our life following the 10 Commandments of Detached Attachment, we will be attached no more.

We will be so detached that while it would seem that we are deeply attached on the outside, deep within, we will be free, we will be detached. Follow these 10 Commandments and live a life of bliss and peace.