The 4th Factor

There is a 4th Factor on earth
It controls our life, it gives us birth
It is beyond what man can know
It has laws that manage the show

Man thinks there are factors three
With a saw he thinks he can cut a tree
To him, the doer, the equipment and the act
Are enough to create any impact

But then sometimes, he blinks and thinks
The sails were fine, yet the ship sinks
They did their best, captain and crew
But the results didn’t happen, that is true

And still does man do his best
He puts every effort of his to test
But he is sad in the end to find
That the result that happened was a different kind

Why is it, then man does think
What stopped his desire? What made him sink?
It should have happened, why did it not
Where he wonders, his work got caught

Then he sees there are factors four
Not just three that he thought before
There is a 4th Factor he knows
That controls all results, it clearly shows

Despite man doing his very best,
He can’t understand what is the test
Till finally the 4th Factor he knows
He surrenders, he accepts, with it he goes

Why is it that we try but cry?
It did not happen, we question the sky
We do not understand how this Power acts
What are the laws, what are the facts?

The 4th Factor is a Power, of course
But how it works, nobody knows
The only way to live with it
Is to trust, to accept, to surrender to it

This Power is not ordinary, that we know
It’s the Cosmic Power that runs the show
With it the world goes round and round
And there is justice on the ground

We are helpless puppets in fact
Without it, we are nothing in the act
It is the Director that produced this show
We just come and then we go

We want to be happy, don’t want to be sad
There is a way for us to be glad
If we want to live with joy and peace
With the 4th Factor, it happens with ease

In the 4th Factor we must learn to trust
This power is fair, this power is just
We must not question, we must not ask
We must at best do our task

Why do we worry, why do we fear?
Why the misery, why the tear?
If only the 4th Factor we know
We will truly enjoy the show

It’s sad that in ignorance we do live
We live in greed, we do not give
We are anxious, jealous, we worry, we hate
And never reach the happiness gate

We must do our best and then let go
To the 4th Factor that manages the show
That is the secret of peace and bliss
A new way to live, we must not miss

You may of course be the best actor
But you can’t beat the 4th Factor
Every day on earth you will see
Whatever will be, will be, will be.