Ask, Investigate, and Realize

Realization is not a secret that is written in books. Realization is a gift from the Divine. All this magic that happens on planet earth, is created and preserved by a power that is beyond human comprehension. Because humanity doesn’t know the Truth about this power, we term this power as the Creator or God. Then we confuse the creative power and give our God names, shapes and forms as we once again sink into the myth of ignorance. Unless we overcome the myth, we will never realize the Truth. Unless we realize ‘who we are not’, we will never realize ‘who we truly are’ and unless we realize the Truth, we will continue to suffer due to our ignorance.

There are several established methods that can help people contemplate and introspect if they are truly passionate about realizing the Truth.  The illustrations for these methods can be found in the book – The Ultimate Goal of Life – MEN

The Law of Causation:

This is made up of three principles:

Every effect has a cause
The effect is nothing else but the cause in another form
If you remove the cause, there is no effect
The body and mind are just effects. We, the soul, are the cause. Soul is the Life Energy. Without the Life Energy, we return to dust. We become nothing.

The Peeling Method: If we virtually peel the body, we will realize that we are not the blood, nor the bone or the skin but the Life Energy within.

The Consciousness Method: We are neither the waker nor the dreamer nor the sleeper, but the one who experiences these three states.

Questioning:  We can realize the truth by asking questions like ‘What came first: chicken or egg?’ Questions like these make us investigate and ultimately help us realize the answer to who we truly are. We are a manifestation of the Divine, a fraction of the pure Divine Energy.

The Negation Method: We must realize who we are not, and then we will realize who we truly are.

Understanding what makes us beautiful: We are not the beautiful body that we appear to be. It decays. We are the Life Energy within that causes beauty.

The Seer and Seen Method: If we realize that we are observers, we can realize the truth of who we really are.

Scientific Reasoning:  Even science now endorses that we are not matter. We are energy.

Our ‘given’ names: Our names are just our names – our mistaken identity. Truly, our names are not us in reality.

Those who are sincere and want to realize the truth of who they are can use any of these methods to realize the truth. Whatever be the method of realization, it makes us understsand beyond doubt that we are not the body that we seem to be. It also makes us realize that we are not the mind. It leads us to the ultimate realization that we are the life energy within, often referred to as the Soul, the Spirit, the Atman, Chi or Prana. Once we realize the Truth of who we are and why we are here, then we start our journey of Liberation, the Ultimate Goal of life.

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