But how easily we lose our Joy.

Looking for another Toy.

This is a simple secret of happiness. It is so simple, that one may wonder, “How something like ‘Being in the NOW’ can guarantee eternal happiness?” But it can. It is a sure way of living with peace and joy.

It’s a big challenge

While it seems so simple, being in the NOW is a big challenge. We are slaves of our mind and we rarely achieve this state of being in the NOW. The fault is not ours. The fault is that of our mind. Before we know it, it slips into a thought of the past. Gone, our NOW is kidnapped! By the time we catch the kidnapper, the mind, and bring it to the table, it gently jumps into the future. It hijacks our life to a new destination. Yes, it holds us to ransom, and the biggest problem – we don’t even know it. It is a big challenge to be in the NOW. But if we can, we can be assured of peace and happiness.

The NOW is peaceful and blissful

Just for now, focus on this moment. Breathe some fresh air, as you count your blessings. Just look through your beautiful eyes and enjoy the nature you see. Stop and hear some amazing music. Don’t think. Stop your mind from drifting away. Just be in the NOW and do what you love to do. Maybe it is making love, but don’t let your mind think of how your heart broke when you made love last year.

Being in the NOW

Just enjoy the present moment. If you prefer, just sink your teeth into your favourite fruit and enjoy the moment. For you, it may be just playing the piano. Whatever makes your moment blissful, just for now, do that. You will find so much joy and peace.

Why lose this moment?

When the NOW can be so beautiful, why lose it? It is sad that we don’t even realize that we are losing moments, moment by moment. The NOW is ours, but somebody robs it and the NOW is gone. We let our NOW get destroyed. Not just that, instead of being happy and peaceful in the NOW, we permit our NOW to be filled with misery and sorrow. What a shame! We must resolve not to lose this moment. This moment belongs to us, it is ours. It is our biggest treasure. It is this moment and the next and the next that actually constructs our life. Moments create days, days create weeks, weeks create months, months create years and all of these create our life. If we lose the moment, we lose life, a life that was meant to be peaceful and joyous.

It’s time to be Happy! Don’t live a life of Sorrow.

And eliminate those that make you Sad.

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