First Experience God Then, Realize God!

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On the journey to find God, many of us experience a wondrous feeling of God’s divine presence. We experience God in the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds,

the animals and the flowers. We know that God exists, and we go beyond our religion to feel God’s divinity in the wind that blows, the water that flows and the sun that glows. Although we cannot prove it, we experience God’s divine presence in His creation. Everything that God has made is so very beautiful – the flowers in the garden, the fruits and trees, the butterflies and birds, the underwater world, the clouds and the stars in the skies. Creation is so amazing that it can’t be the work of anyone else other than the Creator, God.

We often differentiate between the animate and the inanimate, those that are alive from those that are dead. We don’t realize that even the chair and the table lying in

front of us are made up of molecules and atoms that are moving with life. They are different from living creatures, but they have got power in them. Everything created by God has power present within. We experience the Power, but we are unable to realize the truth of who is God, where is God and what is God.

Many of us are so busy in this world that we don’t experience God. But the fortunate few who do feel the presence of God all around them, still don’t realize that God is within them and is present everywhere. It’s good to begin your God-Discovery through God-Experience. It’s a good idea to experience God in all His creation. When you see a beautiful butterfly, when you see a lovely rose bloom, when you see an amazing sunset, it’s great to think of God. Experiencing God in a dense fog or

during a wintery snowfall is a positive sign towards getting to the Truth.

Experiencing God is just building a connection that takes you closer to the Truth and to God. There is more to be done in order to ultimately realize God.

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