Instead of mourning death, celebrate it

When a child is born, everybody celebrates the arrival of the little one. But the child continues to cry! Why? Why is it that other birds and animals don’t arrive on earth crying at birth? Is it because the human child is aware that it will suffer its Karma as it spends one more life on the planet? While this may be controversial to some, it leads us to contemplate why we celebrate birth and mourn death.

It is good to celebrate birth because we are happy to receive a new member in the family. But for the one who is born, not only does it mean another life of dealing with past Karma, but also creating new Karma, then going through the ordeal, the struggle of life, culminating in disease, decay, and death. Ultimately, while life is a merry-go-round of pleasure and pain, sun and rain, loss and gain, everybody suffers before they depart. Therefore, we cannot deny that there is misery on earth and arriving in this world should not be a celebration when compared to departing from it.

And then, we mourn death. We cry when we see somebody die. Why? Because we are ignorant about the truth, that death is not the end. It is a simple fact that we are not the body that dies. The body is formed over 9 months after we are conceived. So, when this body dies, why does the world cry? It is a known fact that every ‘body’ born must die. Nobody can escape death.

Those who are enlightened with the truth don’t cry when they see somebody die. They accept it as a natural phenomenon. They even see it as Liberation from suffering. More often than not, people who die are experiencing a lot of suffering and pain, either due to some disease, some disorder, or old age. Therefore, death for them is Liberation. Why should we mourn it?

Isn’t it time to reverse what we do? Instead of celebrating birth, we should celebrate death and let a moment of a child’s arrival not just be about balloons and cake, but rather a time to awake. To realize that our so-called birthday is only a delivery date. To realize that this child has returned to settle past Karma, and to inspire and enlighten us to transcend Karma, to be liberated from the cycle of rebirth and not return to earth.

Some will discount this logic and boast that life is fun and that they would love to return to earth again and again. They may choose to live with this theory, but they cannot choose to escape from the suffering caused by the pain of the body, misery of the mind, and agony of the ego.

Ultimately, every ‘body’ will either grow old, decay, and die or be a victim of some disease, or some unfortunate accident and end their journey on earth. Then there is loss of all that we own that is known and even fear of the unknown beyond death that makes people mourn the moment of death.

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