The 10 Tenets of Rebirth

While we do not question birth and accept it as a reality, many of us are not sure whether a birth is just a birth or in fact, it is a rebirth on earth. To realize this truth, we need to contemplate.

Contemplate death, to start with. Is death an illusion or is it a fact that every body must die? We don’t doubt this. Death is certain. Once a person dies, we say that person has passed away. We have no doubt that the person who is dead is no more the body that lies on the bed. We are so sure, that we cremate or bury the body, which we would dare not do if one were just asleep. Therefore, we are sure that the person who was alive has left the body. But where have they gone? Is it true that there is a distant heaven or hell and if there is, who will go there and how? This seems to be a fairy tale. However, there is no doubt that we are rewarded or we suffer for our deeds. As we sow, so shall we reap. That’s why only apples grown on apple trees. The seed we plant determines the fruit on the tree while the deed we plant determines our destiny. Therefore, as we give, we get. But we are not rewarded for our deeds in a heaven or punished for our sins in a hell. We are rewarded or punished right here on earth when we return in a rebirth. That is the reason why one child is born blind and another in very kind circumstances. This is not because the newborn baby has some luck or fortune or some very special blessing from God.

This is because of the simple Law of Karma, the law of action and reaction.

When we die, our body dies, but ME, the Mind and Ego, carries its Karma and returns in a new birth. This becomes obvious when we join the dots of death, our departure, our unsettled Karma, and our birth. Only an enlightened person can understand the 10 tenets of rebirth and realize the truth. Not everybody can. Contemplate these carefully:

1. Death is certain – Every ‘body’ has to die

2. Only the body dies. The one alive, the Mind and Ego, ME departs, passes away, and moves on.

3. We are so sure of the deceased departing that we cremate or bury the body.

4. The ME, Mind and Ego leaves the body carrying its Karma, but where does it go?

5. Does ME, the Mind and Ego go to a heaven or hell? Yes, but not far away in the skies, rather, right here on earth.

6. That is why one child is born blind, which is hell, and another child in very kind circumstances, which is heaven.

7. The fortune of a child is not based on any luck or will of God, but on Karma.

8. To settle all pending Karmas, at the death of the body, the Mind and Ego, ME has to return in a rebirth.

9. As long as we believe we are ME, Mind and Ego, we will create Karma and come back to earth in a rebirth.

10. If we overcome ignorance, and realize we are not ME, Mind and Ego, we are the Divine SOUL – Spark Of Unique Life, then, there is no Karma, there is no rebirth. We are united with SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power.

When we contemplate our birth and death, not only do we realize when we were born but also who we truly are. We are not the body that dies. The body that is formed much later after our conception. The mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. It doesn’t exist. The ego is an illusion. We are the Soul, a Spark Of Unique Life, that gives life at the moment of conception and departs at the moment of death. This Realization can ultimately lead to liberation from rebirth. This is Enlightenment. When we realize the truth, we transcend the body, mind and ego. We realize we are the Divine Soul, Atman, a particle of God. God is neither a person or a saint but a power, energy. God is SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power.

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