The art of acceptance and happiness


In this drama called ‘life’, Karma governs everything that happens on Earth right from birth. Whatever is happening is not luck. We pluck the fruits of the seeds that we plant. All our deeds are recorded by Karma and they unfold unto us, one by one. If we want to be happy, we have to learn to accept. If we protest, cry, look at the sky and ask ‘Why?’ then we are only going to be miserable.

The truly happy ones, understand life. They realize that no God is sitting up in heaven, inflicting misery upon us. They realize that Karma makes no mistake. What you give, is what you get. What you do, comes back to you. Therefore, if something is happening in life, we have to accept it. We have no choice. Of course, we have a choice to change our actions, now. Once we perform fresh actions, these become new Karma and they will be the new seeds that will bear fresh, new fruits. If we plant cactus, we can’t expect tulips. So, if misery is growing in the garden of our life, we have no one else to blame, except ourselves.

Therefore, those who are happy, don’t expect. They accept! For when you expect, you become unhappy but when you accept, you live with joy and peace. Acceptance is a gift to the wise for they realize that to accept, is to be happy. Not only do they accept but they also accept whatever happens, joyously. They do not protest because if some things have happened that were not so pleasant, they understand that they have redeemed their past deeds and now, they do not have to suffer for them, again.

To be happy, one must be a master in understanding the Law of Karma. Only then, one can learn to accept.

Many of us live bitter lives. We live in the past and are full of regret, shame and guilt. How will this help us? What is done, is done. We can’t change it but because there is no acceptance, we are miserable. Those who understand Karma, move on in life. They know that the past is over. Not only do they accept without protest but they also do their best in whatever actions that they perform and then, surrender everything to the Divine. However, those who don’t accept, cling to their miseries and sorrows and happiness escapes them.

Do you really want to be happy? If yes, then, make it a habit to accept and be grateful for whatever is happening in your life. Trust in the Divine and believe in the Universal Laws. Take out all the bitterness from life. Whatever has happened, has happened. Don’t cry over spilt milk because what was to be, is over. Accept without protest and smile. This can change the present and improve your future. But if you do not accept and you protest, you will be living in a miserable past, without peace and bliss. So, today, resolve that you will accept whatever happens, knowing it is your Karma and that you will enjoy this drama called ‘life’

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