The Quest to discover our ‘Self’

How can we discover who we truly are? The only way to discover the truth is to go on a quest. We must search for the answers of all the possible questions which relate to our life and our existence.

Unfortunately, we are too busy in this world of pleasures and possessions that we don’t consider it important to discover the truth about ourselves. Thus man lives and dies in ignorance and suffers pain of ego, mind and body.

Man is worried about the stars in the sky, the planets, the galaxies and the wonders that appear to be in outer space. Man is exploring the depths of the ocean trying to discover what lies there. In fact, man is so busy discovering the world that he has forgotten to discover himself. Man has no time to go on a quest to understand that he is not the body. While he sees the body die and he knows that it is not the person who was alive, he doesn’t ponder on the question – Who am I?

Man gives so much importance to the mind that he believes his mind to be him. Although he lives in worry and fear, he does not go in search of the truth to realize that he is not the mind.

It is absolutely clear that we are not the body, nor are we the mind. We seem to be energy that is captured by the ego and thus we live in ignorance.

Man is too busy to discover that what he lives in, is actually a Cosmic Illusion. The Cosmic Illusion has trapped man in its twofold powers that keep him ignorant. The first power is the power that projects a Cosmic Illusion. The second power conceals the truth. Because man has not discovered the Cosmic Illusion, he continues to live and die in ignorance.

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