The real meaning of Soul

The Soul has always been somewhat of a mystery for mankind. While most of us are conscious of its existence, we don’t know what the Soul is, where it comes from and where it will eventually go. We are baffled by the Soul. Those who do believe have many questions about it. Has anybody seen the Soul? Does the Soul take birth and does it die? Some people believe that the Soul is purely human – it is exclusive to those who are blessed to be human beings. There are others who think that even animals have Souls. What about insects, birds, fish, plants, and trees? People wonder!

There are so many myths associated with the Soul. People believe that Souls, spirits of dead people come to haunt us or that it is the Soul that is reborn. Some say that the Soul is punished or rewarded. That good Souls go to heaven and bad Souls go to hell. What is the truth?

Let us try to understand what the Soul is. SOUL, the acronym itself, reveals what Soul is. SOUL is a Spark Of Unique Life. It is the power of the Divine that dwells within us. The SOUL in me is unique as compared to the Soul in you as long as it is within each one of us, but the source of the Soul is one.

Just like it is the same source of electricity that gives power differently to the bulb, the refrigerator and the television, similarly, SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power is one, but as long as it appears as a Soul in you and me, it is a Spark Of ‘Unique’ Life. It begins its journey at conception, nine months before our so called birthday and it departs at the moment of our death; it becomes one with SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power. Therefore, though it appears that we have different Souls and our Souls are unique, in reality, all Souls belong to SIP. Soul comes from SIP and goes back into SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power.
The Soul, thus, can be defined as the spiritual, immortal part of a human being that is subtle and non-material. It can’t be touched or felt. It is energy that gives life to the human body.

Souls are not good or bad. Only a body or mind appears good or bad based on its actions and behavior when the Soul gives life to it. Nor does the Soul die or is reborn. Soul is energy, it is a Power. It gives us life. It is the Mind and Ego, ME that is reborn to redeem Karma. We are neither the body, nor ME, the mind and ego ME. We are the Soul — this is the truth we must realize. This is the purpose of life. If we are enlightened with the truth, then we attain Liberation, we are not reborn. But if we do not realize the truth, we are reborn again and again to settle Karma. We must understand that Souls do not go to heaven or hell. In fact, heaven and hell are not really even real places. When we are reborn, we experience heaven or hell depending on our Karma.

In reality, just like air is everywhere, the Soul too is omnipresent. The Soul exists in each of our 30 trillion cells. It gives life to all our senses. It is also the power that gives life to all the other species, including plants, animals and birds.
The Soul is a manifestation of God. The Soul is God-energy. God is the Universal Power, the Creator, manifesting as the Soul. Quantum physics, through the Wave-Particle Duality, endorses that everything is energy. Today science and spirituality, both agree that we are nothing but energy. This energy is Divine energy!

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