Who are you & why are you here?

We, humans, have discovered almost everything. We are proud of our accomplishments that we have been able to put airplanes in the sky, submarines in the ocean and spacecraft in the cosmos. We have been able to get to the depth of each human cell and understand its behavior. We have also created wireless technology that lets us talk to people from Alaska to Antarctica with the slightest touch of a button using satellites that are being placed by us in outer space.

Every day, we are inventing new technologies that are redefining the way we live. We are confident and continue to passionately discover what lies below the earth and above the skies. While we have discovered a lot, we cannot deny the fact that the earth is just a tiny dot in the Milky Way and the Milky Way itself, is merely a speck in the cosmos.

Our own mind imprisons us

Despite man’s discoveries, we have ignored something very important – we have forgotten to discover ourselves. We have discovered medicines that can enhance our lifespan but we have not discovered what happens after death. Unfortunately, we are prisoners of our own mind and we have not realized that. Therefore, while we are busy creating cosmetics for the skin, we have not discovered what lies within. We have made immense progress in the branches of science like psychology, but if we try to find the mind and specify its location asking where it is, we cannot find it.

We have advanced a lot physically, emotionally and intellectually but we have not paid enough attention to our spiritual development. We think that that we know everything and there is nothing on earth that we cannot do. We can solve any problem with just a touch of our fingertip on our laptop but we have not discovered the Energy that makes our fingers move.

We live and die in ignorance, not knowing who we are, where we have come from and where we will go. We don’t know our purpose of life on earth. We just zoom from womb to tomb. Ignorance is bliss and we blissfully live in ignorance thinking that we know everything, when in reality we know nothing. What we know is quite limited and insignificant in comparison to what we don’t.

Look within to discover who we are

Our paradigm of life must change. We have opened the nine doors that we have been gifted with; two eyes to see, two ears to hear, two nostrils to breathe and smell, a mouth to eat and communicate and the organs to excrete and procreate. However, while all these doors look outside, we have forgotten to open the tenth door through which we should look within. We are so busy discovering the outer world that we do not pay any attention to the inner one. We have used our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hands to create a beautiful world for ourselves but we have not delved deep into our heart and soul.

Have we discovered what Life Energy is which lies within? What makes our heart beat? What gives us breath, and without which, there would be death? What is the use of knowing everything if we don’t know the answers to basic questions about life and our existence? Only a few are lucky or rather blessed to realize the truth. It needs one to open their ‘Real Eyes’ to realize what the truth is.

We must start a quest and we must not stop until we discover who we are and why we are here. We think, “I am ‘ME’ – I have a name, a body, and a mind. That’s who I am – no doubt.” We have a Body, Mind, and Name. But who is the one who has these? Who is the True SELF? Isn’t it time to STOP and find out? Two most important questions need answers – Who am I? Why am I here? Very few people search for answers to these questions. But those who do, live a life of peace and joy. It’s time to stop looking outside and start looking within, and find the one who is behind the skin!

Have you ever wondered? Why are you here on this earth? Why were you given this birth?

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