Who is God? Where is God? What is God?

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We all believe in a God. God is our Lord, our Saviour and our Father in heaven. All religions accept the existence of God. We go to temples, mosques and churches. As children, we are made to believe in a God that has a name and a form. We follow scriptures as the word of God, but have we ever tried to go in quest of the truth, to realize who God is? We pray to a Power that has a name and a form but where is this God? Who is this God? What is this God?

God is beyond gender. God is nameless, formless, eternal, and invisible. There is a source, a Power that is responsible for the creation of this amazing universe. The wind that blows, the water that flows and the sun that glows signify the existence of a life force – a Power we call God. But because we do not know who the Creator is, for want of a better word, we call the Power God. While there is no doubt that God exists, nobody really knows who is God, where is God and what is God.

Do we really understand the Power that is God?

To realize God, we need the help of a religion, just as we need to pass kindergarten to further our education. However, religion is just the basic foundation. No religion can give us God, but it can ignite in us a love for God that will eventually make us seek God and realize God. The concept of God is grossly misunderstood. We human beings have such limitations that we do not understand God. We must realize the truth beyond.

God is a power. God is energy. God is life itself. God is the divine producer of the cosmos. Just like a wave is nothing but the ocean itself, the truth is that we are nothing but Energy, and God is that Universal Cosmic energy. It is this God energy that gives us life and when the God energy within us departs, we die. In reality, “We are Not! Alone God is!” Even science agrees to spirituality, that we are nothing but a speck of energy, an atom of energy. And spirituality defines that life-giving energy to be God.

If we are fortunate, we may realize God, but we can never discover God. The man has not been gifted the sense perception to perceive God. If I ask a blind man to see me with his ears, is it possible? Just as it is impossible for a blind person to see as he does not have the perception of sight, we human beings have not been given the sense to perceive God. We can know God, accept God, believe in God and imagine God, but we cannot discover God. The true seekers of God are the few rare ones who realize God.

God is not a person. God is not a saint. God is not a picture that anyone can paint. God is a Power – the Universal Power! A Power that is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipresent.

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