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How To Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment By Overcoming The Self

We, human beings, have a gross physical body that has various vital organs like the heart, lungs, brain and kidneys, amongst others. We are conscious of our 5 sense organs, just like we are aware of certain organs of action like our hands, legs, fingers, etc. However, these make just the hardware of the human body. Human beings also have a software that drives their body to act. It is MIME – the Mind, Intellect, Memory and Ego. Unlike the physical body, this is the subtle body. We can’t touch or see it, although we know that it exists. As we live, we think that we are the ME, the Mind and Ego, the ‘I’. We have a name, a surname, a nationality, a religion and an occupation. We identify ourselves with all these attributes and further, when we say, ‘My height is… and my weight is…’ all of this collectively defines our existence. A computer cannot function only with the hardware and the software but also needs a power supply to fire it up. Similarly, our body needs Power to energize it, to bring life into it. The life force within us is our Soul. The SOUL is a Spark Of Unique Life. Thus these three essential aspects—the gross physical body, the subtle body or MIME and the Soul, together, make us a human being.

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