Many Problems — One Solution

Problems, Problems are everywhere
My life is in such a mess
I feel so sad and miserable
With worry, anxiety and stress

It all started when I was a child
My exams made me cry
And then, it was heartbreak
I looked up at the sky and asked ‘Why?’

And then, I tried to succeed
But failure came in the way
My life was full of sleepless nights
I faced problems every day

I was worried and there was fear
And this stress cost me very dear
I had anxiety attacks in my mind
My depression left all Peace behind

Everybody has problems as I looked around
There was hate and revenge on the ground
Jealousy and anger were here and there
The problem monsters were everywhere

But then I stopped and I took a pause
Everybody has problems but what is the cause
Who is the one who suffers the pain
I searched for the answer, not in vain

I could see the misery of the mind
Suffering of physical pain, a different kind
But far worse was the agony of the ego
This triple suffering was part of the show

So are we meant just to cry and to die?
As the problems trouble, must we just lie
Aha, no! I found there was a magic
One solution with a clear logic

Who is it that suffers the pain?
Body-mind-ego cries again and again
But when I Realized I was the Divine Soul
There were no problems, I achieved my goal

My problems disappeared like the morning mist
Peace, Joy and Bliss I kissed
It was when I Realized the Truth
When I went to the bottom of the root

We suffer because of our ignorance
Problems are because we are blind
We think we are the one that is ME
The body, the ego, and the mind

When we are Enlightened with the Truth
We can catch the evil brute
The mind is the biggest enemy of all
Along with the ego, it makes us fall

When I saw the mind was full of junk
I tamed the monkey and made it a monk
And as I transcended all evil thoughts
All my problems I had fought

For the problems don’t actually belong to me
Ignorance makes me live with the wrong identity
When I Realize I am the Divine Spirit
Then all my problems disappear with it

For then I know life is just like a dream
No need to worry, no need to scream
At the end it will be time to go
Forget your problems, it is just a show

Poverty is a state of mind
Don’t you know you leave everything behind
But though we see this at every death
We are greedy till our last breath

Problems are many, but the solution is one
Realize the Truth and the battle is won
Enlightenment will leave all problems behind
Bliss, Peace and Happiness you will find.