Life is a mystery ‑ We can’t track its history
It may seem to start at birth and seem to end at death
But what seems to be life’s end…
Is but a bend to transcend

Body, mind and soul are what make life whole
But then comes death and we lose our breath
We mistake Happiness to be life’s goal
Until we realize – No! We must liberate our Soul

The saddest thing is we don’t know the meaning of Life
We live and we die with sadness and strife
We want this and that to be Happy and Glad
But we end up being miserable, greedy and sad

Life is a journey ‑ Like a river, we must flow
From God we came and to God we must go
Life is a Drama ‑ we desire and we crave
But nothing will be ours when we go to the grave

We foolishly think we are the body and mind
Till we get the “Aha”, we are the Soul we find
We don’t know where we came from and don’t know where we will go
The Goal of Life is to reach the other shore

Most people don’t live life; they just seem to exist
The cravings of the body, they just can’t resist
They are so busy, no time to go on a quest
To find out who we truly are, putting life to a test

Of course, we are not the body – in the end, it will die
Are we the mind and ego? No, at death, they will fly
We are the Life Energy that departs at death…
We are the life itself that gives us our breath

We live in ignorance; the truth we don’t find
We forget that we are the soul, not the body and mind
The God that we seek in a temple or a church
Lives inside our own hearts – a place we don’t search

We are not this, not this….we are that!
Not the body, not the mind, the soul, in fact
The purpose of life is to realize this Goal –
We are not the body and mind. We are the Soul!