The 10 Commandments of Detached Attachment

‘How I wish I was free from attachments’
So often we hear people cry
To possessions and people, they cling to everything
And are miserable till they die

Nothing is ours, this truth don’t we know?
We come with nothing and with nothing we go
Still out of ignorance we get attached
We foolishly think it is real, not a show

If we want to be happy, we must learn to let go
Not caw like a miserable crow
We must cut the strings and open our wings
And surrender to life and flow

To be free from attachments, there is a way
We don’t have to give up our love
We can give our heart to our beloved
But be detached and rise above

What is the way to Detached Attachment?
This secret do you want to know?
It is living by each of the 10 Commandments
Every day in this life show

The First Commandment – Thou shall be Free
Not bound to the ground like a tree
Tells us to open our wings and fly in the sky
And not be attached right till we die

The Second Commandment – Thou shall be Happy
Tells us to live with bliss
Not crave for him or her
And lose our happiness

The Third Commandment – Thou shall Love all
Teaches us true love is bliss
Not to be caught in the love of our beloved
Thinking it is hugs, roses and a kiss

The Fourth Commandment – Thou shall not have Expectations
Teaches us to be free from desire
Then we can make life a celebration
And not be burnt by this fire

The Fifth Commandment – Don’t lose Peace of Mind
Teaches that we must be still
Not be caught by the rascal monkey mind
Live with our intellect and free will

The Sixth Commandment – Accept and Surrender
Reveals whatever will be, will be
If we joyously accept what comes to our hand
We will let go of all misery

The Seventh Commandment – Thou shall not be Miserable
Makes us resolve to be glad
Not handover our life to something or somebody
That always makes us sad

The Eight Commandment – Thou shall Overcome Ignorance
Makes us realize it is all a dream
We must overcome the myth and realize the truth
And learn not to cry and scream

The Ninth Commandment – Live with Purpose
Makes us discover our purpose on earth
It frees us from all attachments
And truly live this human birth

The Tenth Commandment – Live as the Divine Soul
Frees us from the body, ego and mind
We are not this, in fact, we are That
The Divine Soul we must find

When we live with these Commandments Ten
We can make our life a heaven
Just resolve to live from One to Ten
You don’t have to find number eleven

Why live with these Commandments Ten?
This secret, you must know
You will be free, not cling to anything
And through this show, you will grow

Our mind is our biggest enemy
Beware it can make our heaven, a hell
By getting us attached to what doesn’t belong to us
We will just drop into the misery well

Our goal is simple, we must be free
We must not cling at all
Life is a journey, live it bit by bit
And make your happiness grow tall

So be enlightened with the truth
And be detached in your attachments
Live with love, bliss and peace
By following the 10 Commandments.