Soul – We don’t have a Soul… we are the Soul!

What is the Soul, have you ever thought?
Or is it a mystery in which you are caught?
We all have a Soul, we seem to know
Let’s realize the truth before it is time to go

It is the Soul that makes me live
But, is it the one that makes me forgive?
What is the function of the Soul?
What does it do to make me whole?

Body, mind, heart and Soul
Each has a specific role
The body moves and the mind does think
The heart beats, and the Soul? I blink

I have been taught that the Soul’s in me
It makes me who I am meant to be
It is with me when I live, till I die
And then, I am told, it flies in the sky

Where does the Soul go and how? I wonder
It goes to heaven, how? I ponder
Everybody says, “We have a Soul”
To search for it is now my goal

My eyes and nose I can touch and feel
My mind, it wanders, my peace it does steal
Aha! Now I know what my Soul does do
It gives me life, I have got the clue

The Soul is a Power that gives me breath
Without the Soul, there would be death
It comes to me just as I am born
And it leaves me when life is gone

Without the Soul, I would be dead
I wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t eat bread
My Soul is alive in every cell
It makes me pray and ring the bell

The Soul is energy, it gives me power
It makes me grow tall like a tower
But once it leaves, I can’t even bend
And my life story comes to an end

What is the Soul? I stopped to think
So many tales that make me blink
The truth by now I am sure I know
It’s Divine Life that makes me glow

What is our life’s ultimate goal?
To find the truth about the Soul
Before life is over, and it is time to die
We must find the truth, not in ignorance lie

Is my Soul different from yours? I think
I question and try to find the link
Just like there is one power source in my house, I know
That makes gadgets work and the lights glow

And so, there is just one life source
It appears different, but it is one, of course!
It is energy that creates all life
In me, my parents, my kids, my wife

Not just in human beings it is
In animals and plants, it’s also this
It is this Power that makes birds fly
And everything alive on earth and sky

What is this Power, the Soul that we call?
What is this Power that is alive in us all?
To discover the truth about the Soul
Is our life’s Ultimate Goal

The Soul is not mortal, it is Divine
It is not yours, it is not mine
It is the Lord that lives in us
To realize this truth, we have missed the bus

We never realize that God’s in our heart
He never leaves us, never goes apart
It’s strange through life for Him we search
In temple and mosque and in every church

God comes to us just as we are born
He creates life and life goes on
Until the moment that He decides to leave
We are alive, we must believe

He has blessed us with body and mind
But that He’s within, we never find
We live in this world, we suffer and cry
Until one day, we finally die

The body of ours returns to dust
But our actions, of course, redeem we must
Therefore, while the body remains on earth
Our mind and ego takes rebirth

As per our Karma we are born
The universal law makes the circle go on
Happy or unhappy, it’s not by luck
Our life’s circumstances does Karma pluck

And we, like fools, think it is the Soul
That is reborn and pays the toll
Know the Soul is only the power
That gives us life every hour

As long as we live in ignorance, we return
To suffer on earth, turn by turn
Because we think we are the ego and mind
We have to go through the rebirth grind

But once we realize we are the Soul
Not the body and mind as we were told
It is then from this cycle we are free
And with our Lord we can be

Then there is no Karma, it is not me
I am the Soul, now I am free
There is no rebirth, once I know the truth
If only I get to the bottom of the root

At death, I will not return to earth
My mind and ego won’t take rebirth
My Soul with God will then unite
And I will become one with the light

But how should I get Liberation?
It is only possible with Realization
I must overcome ignorance of the ego and mind
Then I will be liberated, I will find

It all starts by going on a quest
And putting all my beliefs to test
When I ask and investigate, I then realize
It’s when I open my ‘real-eyes’

I am the Soul, I can never know
This truth I must realize before I go
After realizing the truth, as a Soul I must live
Not as an ego, that will give and forgive

I am not ‘I’, this is how we must start
Everything is God, in body, mind and heart
When I live as Divine Energy
It is then from the world I will be free

We think that the Soul is in us
Of course, this is true
But what we don’t know is that it’s all around us
This news is new

We have a Soul, that’s what we’re told
It gives us life and we live
But the truth is we are the Soul
This realization is life’s biggest gift

It is not easy to live as the Soul
For in the body, there is many a hole
These senses are seeking, they desire, they crave
And try to take us to our mortal grave

But if we have the Divine grace
That pours its blessings on our earthly face
Then we will live on earth but be free
And when we die, merge with eternity

This is the purpose of man on earth
To escape from death and rebirth
To realize the truth, we are the Soul
And to unite with God is our Ultimate Goal.