God = Happiness

We all want to be Happy
We pray to God for bliss
But where does God truly live
This point we sadly miss

God is not on a distant planet
In heaven above the skies
The power within that makes our heart beat
Is where God truly lies

When there is a problem that we cannot solve
We go to God and cry
Make me Happy, my dear Lord!
We beg as we question why

We know that God can do anything
He made Heaven and earth
He is the giver of Happiness
The one who gave us birth

But still, we look for Happiness
Desiring this and wanting that
Sometimes our wishes are fulfilled
Otherwise, we become sad

And so do we live until we die
Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry
We miss to discover a simple secret
God is the source of Joy

Instead of seeking God within
We are searching for Happiness!
Of course, we become happy at times
But the source of Joy we miss

If only we change our search for God
And look for Him within
We will have everlasting Joy and Peace
And a Blissful Life will begin

But we don’t know who God truly is
In fear, we bow our head
Instead of loving the Lord within
We suffer until we are dead

We don’t discover this Truth
That GOD = Happiness
We are looking for joy in so many places
But within ourselves we miss

We are not body, we are not mind
This Truth we must realize
We are in fact God energy
To this Truth we must rise

Once we are conscious that God lives within
We will suffer no more
The giver of Happiness is part of us
This Truth will make us glow

Instead of seeking Happiness
It’s God we must search and find
And once we realize the Truth, behold
There will be joy and peace in our mind

But we don’t know who God truly is
We all believe in the myth
We don’t discover that God lives within
We fail to reach the zenith

‘God = Happiness’ is a secret
We must discern and know
Then we will discover true bliss and joy
As our bond with God will grow

If you want to be truly Happy
Then don’t seek joy and bliss
Realize and find God within
For that’s where is Happiness.