Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Aren’t we all looking for God…
In a temple and in a church?
Once we Realize Satyam Shivam Sundaram
It will end our search

The Truth is God is in everything Beautiful
God doesn’t dwell in Heaven or Hell
Let us grow beyond the fairy tales
The stories that our scriptures tell

God is a Power that is everywhere
God is in you and me
God is in the Beauty all around
Alas! We cannot see

Though our eyes can see, the fact is we are blind
We can’t see the spiritual Truth
All the beauty around us is God
We see the fruit, but not the root

Who is, where is, what is God
When will this Truth we Realize?
When we stop looking at the material world
And when we open our ‘Real Eyes’

What is it that makes our heart, beat?
We must see beyond bone and skin
God is the one who lives inside
God is the Power within

Just as God dwells in you and me
God is the cause of life on earth
Without God, there would be nothing in the world
No one would ever take birth

But because we don’t really love God
We don’t go on a Spiritual Quest
If only our yearning was deep and true
We would pass the ultimate test

We would see God in all the beauty around
In each and every beautiful flower
We would feel God’s Divine presence
At night in a twinkling star

The birds that fly and sing are God
Their beauty is God’s Power
God is the cause of all Beauty
From the sun to the sunflower

God appears to us every morning
In the Beauty of the sunrise
But very few, experience the Divine
Very few are really wise

When in the evening at sunset
Colours paint the sky
We experience a Divine presence
But do not ask the question, ‘Why?’

We Realize God is in all that is Beautiful
We know that God is the cause
If not for God, there would be no beauty
We experience God as we pause

It is in stillness that we experience God
When we stop the chatter of the mind
Then, in everything beautiful
God, we will find

For when we look deeper, what do we see?
God is the cause of the magic
The beauty we see is the Lord Divine
It is nothing but simple logic

When the Divine leaves and there is death
Doesn’t the beauty also go?
The beautiful magic lasts until
The end of the show

But we see beauty, we don’t see God
We don’t see the Divine within
We are so enamoured by the surface
We don’t see beyond the skin

If only we Realize God’s presence
In the beauty all around
We would not go on searching for God
In the sky and on the ground

God is right here, God is now
In all the beauty we see
The ecstasy that we feel in our heart
It is none else, it is He

But as long as we do not Realize the Truth
We will continue our search for God
And though God is in all the beauty around
We will not see our Lord

We are taught that God is a statue
That God is a Divine Saint
And so, we don’t experience God in the beauty
In the magic that God does paint

It is God Himself that appears
On earth as you and me
All the beauty in the skies and the land
Without God would not be

God is the cause, we are just effects
Like the wave is caused by the ocean
The moment you remove God, the cause
There would be no creation

Satyam Shivam Sundaram is the chant
That reveals that God is in everything Beautiful
It makes us experience the Divine in beauty
And then makes our life blissful

We will experience the Divine presence of God
Every moment, all the while
We don’t need to wait to talk to our Lord
God’s beauty will make us smile

For when we feel God’s Divine presence
In the wind that upon us blows
We will feel God in the rain that pours
And in the sun that glows

We don’t just look at the beauty
When we see a gorgeous butterfly
We hear God as a bird sings
Flapping its wings in the sky

When a dog happily wags its tail
We feel the presence of God
Though to our eyes, all we see
Is just our little dog

Deep within we Realize the Truth
Satyam Shivam Sundaram
The truth is God is in all that is Beautiful
This world is God’s Hologram

Whether it be a tuft of white hair
In a baby rabbit that is born
A child, a pup or a little kitten
God does adorn

And when God-energy decides to go
The end of the magic starts
All the beauty disappears
When the Divine departs

When will we Realize this Divine Truth…
That God is in all that is Beautiful?
When will we Realize God in our heart…
That will make our life meaningful?

Our search for God will come to an end
As we experience God all the time
In all the Beauty, we see, smell and touch
God we will find

So, the next time you want to Pray
Feel God in the blowing of the breeze
Feel God’s Divine presence and love
In the swaying of the trees

God is in the mountains
God is in the snow
God is with you and me
Wherever we go

All it needs for us to do
Is to open our ‘Real Eyes’
Then everything beautiful that we see
Is God, we will Realize

In the flowers, in the trees, in you and me
We will not just see the beauty
When we Realize the Divine Truth
We will experience Divinity

When we Realize the Divine magic
The Beauty is caused by God
This is the Truth and nothing but the Truth
That all that is beautiful is our Lord.