The Law of Attraction

Does the Law of Attraction really work?
Can visualization do the trick?
Let’s look within to find the real secret
Look deeper for the truth to pick

‘Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes’, if you dream
Will the fruit grow on the tree?
It is the seed, Oh dear, that you plant
That will grow to be, what you see

But the whole world is talking of Attraction
‘Just desire and make your dream come true’
Desire is good to start what you want
But it’s Action that is the final cue

Attraction without Action doesn’t work
Look deeper and realize the Truth
Within the word ‘AttraCTION’,
There is ‘ACTION’ in the root

For there is a Law, a Universal Law
‘As you sow, so shall you reap’
If there is Attraction and no Action
Then in the end, you will weep

Attraction and thoughts lead to feelings
But it is only when we get to work
The cycle of Achievement says
‘You need to walk, don’t just talk’

For the Law of Action never fails
What you give is what you get
What goes around comes around
It’s like a boomerang, you can bet

It’s popularly called the Law of Karma
What you do, comes back to you
Every Action, good or bad
Won’t escape, this is true

Whatever is unfolding in your life today
Is what you have done in the past
And whatever you are doing today, remember
Will return to you until your last

And when death, which for the body is certain
Happens and Karma carries on
The body dies, but the Mind and Ego
With its pending Karma is reborn

Death is not the end, but a bend
Our Karma account is not closed
Whatever is the balance in our Karmic trade
Causes the next birth to be proposed

Our birth is decided not by luck
Past Actions or Karma is the cause
Where, when, and how we are born
Is controlled by Karma without flaws

Therefore, our destiny is in our hand
It is Action that will decide what will be
We will get to that destination
Karma decides our destiny

Life is like a car on the road
The road can’t be changed, it is paved
But we have ‘Free will’ to choose how we drive
Through this ‘Free will’, our Karma can be changed

We can go fast, we can go slow
We are free to choose what we do
Remember, as you drive your
Life ahead Is the destination you will get to

Therefore, we must do good each day
Our destiny depends on our deeds
Just like the fruits in our garden, without doubt
Don’t depend on luck, but on the seeds

Whatever we do, doesn’t get washed away
It remains in our account, even after death
Life after Life, the score goes on
And is counted in every breath

But whoever is born in this world must cry
The Enlightened Buddha declared after his quest
‘Dukkha or suffering is experienced by all
No one can escape this test’

We all experience the triple suffering
The suffering of body, ego, and mind
As long as we have Karma, we will be born
What we have done, we can’t rewind

Is there a way to escape from pain,
And from Karma, can we be free?
Yes, this is the ultimate secret
If the Divine Soul, we can be

To escape from all suffering
Is our Life’s Ultimate Goal
This is possible if only we realize
We are the Divine Soul

The Soul is a Power, it has no Karma
It is the Energy of the Lord
We must realize we are not what we appear to be
But rather a manifestation of God

When we realize we are not this, we are that
From Action and Rebirth, we are free
We will be Liberated from all suffering
And United with the Divine we will be

This is the secret of Eternal Joy
And the way to Everlasting Peace
If only we can Transcend Karma
All our sufferings will cease

So, don’t believe just the Law of Attraction
It is the Law of Action that will work
What you Attract, may never come to you
If from Action, you will shirk

But tasks will bind you to be born again
And the Happiness that you seek
You will remain thirsty and yearning for more
As you try to climb the peak

The only way to Peace and Bliss
Is from Karma to be free
Then, eternal Joy and everlasting Peace
Will be your final destiny

Life is a journey and we must choose
We can live with Attraction or with Action
But being Liberated and being United with God
Is our Life’s Ultimate Destination.