Who Are You & Why Are You Here?

One day when life was full of peace
My mentor said something to tease
Who are you? Why are you here?
What is your life’s purpose, my dear?
Are you going to just float and die?
Or find out who you are and why?
Are you the body? Are you the mind?
Go on a quest the truth to find

Questions made me start my search
I went to the temple, mosque, and church
Who was God and where was He?
Where could heaven and hell be?
How was I born?
What caused this ‘I’?
What will happen after I die?
I started my quest to Find the truth
I would not stop till I get to the root

Every religion said the truth is mine
Each scripture said its version was fine
Don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t have wine
Rituals were plenty to live and dine
But nobody talked of the truth
Nobody had found out the real brute
The enemy was none else than our mind
Where it is – you cannot find

Although you know, you do not know
Whatever you see, you cannot be
The truth is staring at your face
But you are busy in the world’s race
Who am I, you do not know
The ego seems to steal the show
We are slaves of desire and lust
What is the myth, we do not bust

We live, we die, don’t find out why
We just cry when we see someone die
Who made this earth? Who made this sky?
Who made you? And who made ‘I’?
We believe in the lie we don’t ask why
Whatever we are told, we just buy
We fret and fume through life and sigh
The truth passes by, we let it fly

We come and go but we don’t know
The world is nothing but a cosmic show
With empty hands do we all come
And nothing is ours when all is done
But still we live and cry and die
We don’t ask questions of who and why
Ignorance fills our everyday sky
And we don’t laugh, we fear, we cry

Those who realize the whole truth
Those who get to the bottom of the root
Those who put everything to test
Those who go on a search and quest
Those who ask questions – who and why
Those who know that they don’t die
They are the ones who live in bliss
Joy and peace, they do not miss

What is the purpose of life on earth?
Why do we die and why this birth?
Who made this earth, who made this sky?
Who causes things to walk and fly?
Before you die, must find out why
Realize the truth you are not ‘I’
Not the body and mind, you are the Soul
To unite with God, that is the goal

Who are you, why are you here?
If you don’t know, it’s sad, my dear
There is a purpose for you and me.
To realize the truth – who are we?
The truth to know, on a quest we must go
To realize that life is a cosmic show
The reward will be joy and bliss and peace
Then problems none and miseries cease

Realize you are not the body and mind
You are energy of a different kind
To unite with God that is the goal
To escape from the world and live as the Soul
To find out what is your purpose on earth
That’s why this life, that’s why this birth
The purpose of life is to find out my dear
Who are you, why are you here?