Enlightenment…the Truth and the Myth

We human beings are seeking Enlightenment
But we live and die in the dark
The myth makes us scared of a lizard
Instead of fearing the shark

It’s sad that we are taught lies
And our mind is full of junk
It’s time for the Intellect to make the monkey mind
Into a silent, tamed monk

But how do we doubt our parents and teachers…
Who taught us all that we know?
How can we believe that this world is not real…
It’s just a cosmic show

For years we have followed our religion
And believed in what scriptures tell
Suddenly to change our belief is tough
That there is no heaven and hell

What is the Truth, what is the myth…
How will we get to know?
Until we ask questions and investigate
Through Life, we will just flow

We are taught to chase money and success
And that the Goal of Life is Achievement
We live and die without realizing
That the Goal of Life is Enlightenment

Throughout Life we chase pleasures
And to become happy, we try to be
We never realize the Truth that happiness
Is within and then from misery we are free

Money can buy medicines and a bed
And it can buy a diamond ring
But money cannot give us health and sleep
True Love it cannot bring

So, throughout Life we believe in the myth
We never learn the Truth
We live and die with ignorance
Not getting to the bottom of the root

We try to be Happy in a tomorrow
A tomorrow that is not yet born
And we live with the miseries of yesterday
A past that is forever gone

We believe in astrologers and palmists
And like fools show them the lines on our hand
We don’t realize that everything is controlled
By a Supreme Power beyond our land

We live and die with ignorance
Thinking we are the body, ego and mind
But the Truth is that we are the Divine Soul
This Realization, when will we find?

We come with nothing, we will go with nothing..
This Truth, don’t you know?
Enlightenment will open your ‘real’ eyes
To realize everything is just a show

Then, the myth makes us celebrate our birthday
With balloons, candles and a cake
The Truth, we were conceived nine months prior
To this Truth, when will we awake?

We think God lives in a distant heaven
He is made of blood, bone and skin
That is a myth, the Truth is this
God is the Power within

Doesn’t each human being on earth say with pride…
‘I am Roger, Steve or John’?
These are just names, when will we realize
One day, this body will be gone!

Some of us believe in the Law of Action
Everything is controlled by our deed
Do we believe in the myth…
That we can get mangoes with an apple seed?

Then, why do we believe the Law of Attraction…
That we can manifest all we Dream?
When will we realize, not attraction, but action…
A Team and Scheme will fulfil our Dream

We believe the myth that our mind is king
And we trust it can do anything
When will we realize it is the biggest enemy…
That throughout life does misery bring!

Isn’t it true that we will die?
Death is certain for all who are born
Some of us believe we are this body
But at death, we depart, we are gone?

Then, we believe that after death
To a distant heaven we will go
We ourselves destroy the body of our loved one
Then to God, who will go?

We haven’t understood death, have we?
The myth of death makes us live with fear
The loss of all that we own and the beyond, unknown
Makes us shiver, year after year

Why do bad things happen to good people?
This question our ignorance does ask
Bad things can’t happen to good people
Everything is happening as per our task

Then, we blame God as being cruel
And say that He is unjust, unkind
This is sheer ignorance my friend
It is a trick of our monkey mind

It believes that good deeds will take us to heaven
But think, who will go there?
The body at death has become dust
And the one who died, is where?

Of course, we have to pay for our actions
For every good deed and sin
When we realize the Truth of Rebirth
Then, this battle of Life we win!

But we just live with ignorance
Thinking bad thoughts will control our
Life It is not bad thoughts, but actions
That we do to our friends or our wife

And so, we pray to our Heavenly Father To
forgive us for our bad deeds
When will we realize the law he made?
Everything grows as the planted seeds

The Truth is simple, it can be learnt
If we transcend the ego and mind
But first we must discard the fairy tales we learnt
Then Enlightenment we will find

For years we are taught this story
That God lives in a temple or church
We live and die with the ignorance
But for God we never search

We think God is a statue or picture
Who has a name and a form
We don’t realize that God is the Supreme Power
He is immortal, He never dies, nor is ever born

But because we are taught with prayer
To God we can go
We continue to fold our hands at pilgrimages
Through life we flow, we don’t grow

Is there a way to find God?
This Truth we never find
We just live as slaves of our ego
And our rascal monkey mind

Because we just believe everything
We are taught and we are told
To the myth and the superstitions of this world
And to the rituals we are sold

Religion is good, it teaches us basics
But it’s just a kindergarten, it’s where we start
If we want to realize God
We need Spirituality that will take us to the last

Spirituality is the way to realize God
To realize the Power in our heart
To realize we are ourselves that Supreme Power
And with the Power we will unite, when we depart

But as long as we believe that our ancestors are alive
In some heaven far away from earth
We will not realize the mind and ego
Will return to earth in a rebirth

Why do we believe in the fairy tales?
Stories that preach suffering of the Soul
To realize that the Soul is the Supreme Power
Is our life’s ultimate Goal

But we are taught about good Souls and bad Souls
We don’t realize we are all one
Our bodies and mind are different
But our Soul is the Power of the sun

There is one Power that controls everything
The Supreme Immortal Power
But until we overcome our ignorance
The Truth we will not discover

Have you ever stopped to realize…
What is the purpose of life?
When you do, you will be free from all misery
And the triple suffering that causes you strife

The past is gone, you can’t change it
But you can change Life from now
Go in quest and realize the Truth
Today, take this solemn vow

Let go of the fairy tales, the myth and the lies
And realize the Truth of this show
We are just actors, this earth is a stage
We just come and we must go

Before we go, let us overcome the myth
Let us transcend the ego and mind
Then, we will attain our ultimate Goal
Within, our GOD we will find

And if we don’t realize the Truth, then what?
One day we will die on earth
Then we will return again and again
As we suffer in a Rebirth

Those who realize the Truth of Life
That they are not the ego, body and mind
They are free from all misery
Everlasting Bliss and Peace they find.