Live Life Moment by Moment

Life is just about this moment, are you living it?
Or has life escaped you, bit by bit
Life is just about the ‘now,’ make the best of it
Celebrate every moment of life, don’t just simply sit

Life is not about yesterday, yesterday is gone
Life is not about tomorrow, it is not yet born
Life is about this moment, life is about ‘now’
I’ll be Happy every moment, take this solemn vow

Life has a purpose, we don’t realize that it’s a big treasure
Life is not just meant to be chasing every pleasure
Every moment of life is given to realize this
Moment by moment, we lose life chasing Happiness

Life is not a long journey that starts at birth
Life is not all about the years that we live on earth
Life is not the many years that we live till we die
Life is blissful now, sing like a bird in the sky

Most of us are missing life, waiting for it to pass
We don’t know how to truly live, did we miss this class?
Life is not a long journey that will go on and on
Life is about ‘now’, tomorrow it may be gone

Many of us fill our life with fear, worry, and stress
We don’t know how to live life with Peace and Happiness
Those who learn to live life, living in today
They smile, laugh, and love, no matter what comes their way

There is only one way to live, it is living in the ‘now’
Not facing all our problems, with sweat on our brow
We must do our best with life, with the given plough
And then, surrender to what will be, this we must allow

For what can man do, other than doing his very best
Once he does that, to the Divine, he surrenders the rest
He learns to live each moment, with faith, trust and hope
And so, with life’s battles, he is able to cope

Those who lose the treasure of life filling their mind with junk
Those who don’t tame their monkey mind and make it into a monk
They live their life jumping from a thought to another thought
Life was just about ‘now’, this truth they forgot

The enemy, the thief, the rascal, is our very own mind
It bombards us with thoughts and steals our life, we find
Moment by moment, we lose life as we desire and we crave
It is our mind, that makes us cry, right until our grave

Instead of accepting whatever happens, living with a smile
We cry, we scream, and we question, unhappy all the while
We don’t realize that what is unfolding in life every day
It’s a reaction of our own actions, the price we must pay

Life has a purpose, we must realize this before we die
Life is not just about wandering on earth and in the sky
Before we die, we must achieve our life goal
To realize we are not body and mind, we are the Divine Soul

If we let the moments of life pass one by one
Though we achieve trophies, the victories that we won
Before we realize our treasure of life will be gone
We will suffer on earth and then, we will be reborn

We must live every moment Conscious of the Truth
We must invest every minute getting to the root
Moment by moment, we must live, in Consciousness
Realizing the Truth, and with it, getting eternal Happiness

The sun will rise, and the sun will set, soon life will pass by
Moment by moment, day by day, we will laugh and cry
But how can we live without Sorrow, with Peace and Happiness
It’s by living moment by moment, we must learn this

If moment by moment, we let our life simply pass
When we wake up, it may be late, we will cry, Alas!
The gift of moments was given to us, for us it was to use
But we lost moment by moment, this why did we choose?

It’s not too late, we can wake up, and start living ‘now’
We can find the purpose of life and stop grazing like a cow
We are still alive, and our moments are yet in our hand
We can live life, not let it slip away, just like grains of sand

Death is certain, we can’t escape it, every ‘body’ must die
There is no use to look up at the sky, to cry and ask ‘why?’
The only way to live life moment by moment with Joy
Is to be Conscious of the secret – Who is this ‘I’

And soon, life will be over, this gift will be gone
Swinging like a pendulum, into the future not yet born
Life will escape us as we suffer and we cry
Let us transform our life, wake up to a new dawn

Let us become Conscious in every moment we live
Nothing belongs to us, let us learn to give
Let us spend each moment, achieving the ultimate goal
We are not this body and mind, we are the Divine Soul

Life is not a journey that lasts many years
Life is not just about a few smiles and many many tears
Life is only about this moment, and we must live it
Otherwise, the moments will escape and so will life with it.