We are not the intellect, the mind, the body. We are the Atman!


AiR is nothing but Atman in Ravi – not just the body, mind and intellect of RVM or Ravi V. Melwani, but the Spirit, the Soul, or the Atman that lives inside Ravi. Therefore, he calls himself as AiR – Atman in Ravi.


Atman and AiR Philosophy

AiR realizes that there is a power within us ‑ the Power we call GOD – the Atman. We are not just a combination of the body, mind and intellect, but we are the Atman! We should realize the self – the Atman ‑ and that we don’t die. In fact, death is not the end… It’s just a bend to Transcend!

We are that immortal spirit, and AiR has realized this truth. The Atman is a power, just like electricity, which gives power to all the lights and electrical appliances in our homes and offices. The Universal Power gives the power of Atman to each one of us, and it is within us. Therefore, Atman is the Life Power – This is the AiR Philosophy.

So, we have to live as immortal beings and not as physical beings because the physical body grows, decays and dies. We have to live as the Atman, and the ultimate goal of the Atman is to merge with the Paramatma.