Life and Karma

Many people whine, complain and curse. ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’ they ask. They don’t realize that it is just not possible. Just as apples cannot grow on mango trees, bad things cannot happen to good people. The Universal Law of Karma governs everything that happens on earth.

Did we decide where we will be born? No! Karma did. Nothing happens by chance, nor is God sitting in some distant heaven, deciding our fate. It is a simple law of action and reaction, ‘As we sow, so shall we reap.’

Unfortunately, we don’t realize this. Therefore, first we curse whatever happens, then we rehearse, but we don’t reverse the situation by overcoming our ignorance and celebrating. If something bad is happening, our past Karma is being negated. We should rejoice and hope our good Karma will now bear fruit. When we curse and perform negative actions, we are planting new seeds of negativity that will further unfold in our future. When will man understand the simple truth of Karma, the

law of the boomerang? What goes around comes around.

Don’t we realize the truth – what we give is what we get? Still, we are confused. Although we know that our birth is not in our hands, nor in the hands of our parents, we don’t attribute it to SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power that makes it happen through automatic Universal Laws. Everything is automatic – the earth rotates causing day and night, and the earth revolves causing seasons. And so does this universe function through the Law of Karma, the law of reaction and action.

When we realize that we are not this body contemplating our real birthday, we come to terms with the truth that we will have to leave this body eventually and if we don’t overcome the myth and realize the truth, we will be reborn, and this will go on and on. Our challenge is to understand life and Karma and then, transcend Karma, going beyond the body and mind. As we realize and find that we are the Divine Soul, then not only will we celebrate everything that is happening in our lives, but we will live a life of acceptance and surrender, knowing that all that happens in life is fair. Life is just a show. We are actors who come and go. Our role will be decided by Karma. We have the free will to choose our present Karma, but once we choose our deeds, then they become seeds that will germinate and bear fruit.

The moment there is Enlightenment, and we realize the truth that we are not the body, mind and ego, we are that spark of energy, we will be liberated from all Karma. Then there will be no need to return to earth. As long as we believe our birthday is our birthday, we will cling to this body which we are not. It is only when we realize the secret of Life and Karma that we will be liberated and be united with the Divine.

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