Do you know that you are Immortal?

immortal-immortal soul- Ignorance

If you tell somebody, ‘You are immortal,‘ they will scoff at you. ‘What do you mean by saying we are immortal?’ they will ask. Because man lives in ignorance, man continues to cut a cake on a day that is fake and believes he is the body that was born 9 months after he was actually conceived. As long as we are imprisoned by ignorance, we will always believe that we are the mortal body that will die, not the immortal spark of energy that is the real ‘I’.

Let us reflect. The fact that we are born is known. But we are actually born 9 months before our delivery on earth – when we were conceived. Therefore, we are not this body. The body comes later. It is created around the zygote, the very first cell of our existence. Science endorses this fact that the embryo gets created in our mother’s womb after we are conceived.

Then, we arrive on the planet on our so-called birthday. We eat and we develop as the body grows. Years pass by and ultimately one day, be it after 50, 70 or 90 years, the body must die. The body dies, and we leave the body. This is confirmed by the act of our loved ones destroying the body, cremating it, or burying it. From these obvious facts, what should we infer?

Is it not absolutely clear that we are not the body? The body was formed as the embryo and ultimately dies and returns to dust. Then, who are we? Is there any doubt that we started as that spark of life in the zygote? Absolutely not! It is this spark that is alive all along in the body. Then, one day, the spark, the life, goes missing. Obviously, it leaves, and the body is pronounced dead. What happens to us, the one who was alive?

If we ponder with our Consciousness, we will realize without a doubt that we are that spark of life, the Energy known as the Soul, the Divine Spirit or the Atman that started our journey 9 months before our birthday. We are that very spark that departs when the body dies. We are that Energy that arrives at conception and departs at death. That Energy is not born, and that Energy never dies. It is the body that comes alive as a single-celled zygote, and it is the body that dies. When we realize the truth that we are the Energy, not the body, we will realize we are immortal. This Realization is, in fact, in sync with the scientific first law of thermodynamics. The law states that Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. We are that energy that is birthless and deathless. We are the immortal spark of life. This is the truth that we must be enlightened with.

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