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Atman in Ravi

A Journey of Self-Realization.
About AiR

About AiR gives glimpses into AiR’s life and spiritual evolution, how he evolved from a successful businessman to a seeker, his quest and the guiding influences in his life. It explains both his vision and mission and his relentless effort to inspire people to Realize the Truth and the Ultimate Goal of life. AiR seeks to help people Realize the Truth, which can help them attain Mukti, that is, freedom from all suffering and liberation from the karmic cycle of death and rebirth.

AiR Philosophy

By clicking on this, one can understand AiR’s spiritual philosophy – life beliefs, values and principles. It gives an insight into what one should do to evolve spiritually. AiR calls upon seekers to always be conscious of the Divine Power we call God, to be in union with the Divine and help others to Realize the Truth. AiR also discusses how one should live every day of our life.

AiR Quotes

AiR Quotes takes us to a page filled with powerful, beautiful, thought-provoking spiritual quotes penned by AiR, each with an inspiring image. The quotes are on diverse, universally pertinent subjects including the meaning and purpose of life, the mystery of death, being happy, finding eternal happiness, transcending suffering, attaining Enlightenment, realizing God, and understanding Karma.


In order to explain difficult and often incomprehensible spiritual concepts and truths, AiR writes posts that make spirituality easy to understand, even to a layman. This is what can trigger a spark, an interest in one for initiating one’s own spiritual quest. The blog posts discuss topics like the meaning of life, what happens after death, how one can be happy, Karma, silencing the mind, Moksha, Nirvana and Enlightenment, amongst several others. AiR’s blog posts can help readers evolve on their spiritual journey towards the attainment of Mukti, Moksha.

AiR Bhajans

Bhajans or devotional music is known to calm one, to promote Bhakti and love for God, even as it helps us understand important spiritual concepts through lyrics. AiR Bhajans, written in Hindi by AiR and beautifully rendered by him accomplish exactly this. His Bhajans have been compiled thematically and one can listen to them by clicking on this link. There is a playlist and one can be lost and mesmerised in these devotional songs for hours. The themes include Realization of God by letting go of the ego; SatChitAnanda; Neti, Neti, Tat Twam Asi, Shivoham and several others. Each Bhajan has subtitles in English for those not familiar with Hindi.

AiR Videos

By clicking on this link, one can view videos by AiR. This includes an eclectic selection of Bhajans by AiR, talks and discourses. These videos help one introspect, contemplate and reflect on diverse spiritual subjects. The videos, shot in different places, can keep one engrossed and focused on the Divine, and spirituality. The videos of talks and discourses are engaging and address questions or doubts that we may all have.


This link gives one the opportunity to contact AiR and ask AiR questions that one has regarding life, death, happiness, suffering, God, spirituality- even personal problems. AiR ensures that he is available and accessible to all regardless of nationality, religion or beliefs. He is more than willing to take one forward, step by step, on one’s spiritual quest. Should organizations or companies, universities or schools invite him to address their employees or students, he would be happy to address them. He has been invited to address innumerable forums on spirituality.

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AiR Blog

Is it possible to live a Spiritual life being in this material world?

What is Spirituality all about? Is it giving up all the pleasures of the world, and renouncing everything and going into the forest to live in solitude? Is it about having a long beard and hair, and wearing robes? What is it to be Spiritual in the modern world? People wonder if it is actually […]

Is Self-realization the ultimate goal of life or is there something beyond it?

Why have we come to planet earth? Why have we been given this human birth? Are we born just to live and die? No, of course not. There is a purpose. It is to find out – Who am I? The realization of the self is called Self-realization. It is finding out who we truly […]

Moksha is our Ultimate Goal…to realize that ‘We are the Soul’

It is said that over 4000 years ago when the Hindu Faith, Sanatana Dharma, had still not transformed to become Hinduism, people accepted Moksha as the Ultimate Goal of life. Not only was it considered an escape from the cycle of death and rebirth, it was also Liberation from misery and sorrow when alive, with […]