Am I consciousness?

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If I am not the body, and I am not the mind, then what am I? Both science and spirituality have concluded that I am energy. But for me to believe that I am energy – it is not easy. How do I comprehend energy?

For me to define electricity is so difficult without the help of a gadget or instrument like a bulb. With the help of a bulb, I can easily understand what electricity is, as it flows through a filament to give light. When I switch off the power, the bulb doesn’t glow. We human beings see it in our everyday life. Power flows into our mobile phones to charge them, gives life to our television screens, and also powers our air conditioning, our music and practically everything else in our life today. While we understand energy that comes from electricity, it is strange that we don’t understand the energy that comes into a human body at birth and departs at death. While we are well aware of it, we have not invested time in spiritual experiments as we have on scientific ones. To explore energy in a human body, let us dwell a little on our consciousness. The energy in us is alive, but we go through phases of being conscious and unconscious.

When we are conscious, our physical body is active, just as our subtle body or mind is also active. The energy in us makes us walk, talk and move. When the body goes to sleep, we lose consciousness, but our mind is still energized. Therefore, the mind subconsciously continues its existence in dreams.

My body may be asleep, but my mind becomes a king and is living in a palace, enjoying the royal experiences, although it is just a dream. The next moment, my mind may be suffering a deadly disease or extreme poverty in a nightmare. I only realize this when I regain consciousness. Thank God, I say, it was only a dream! We human beings go through these waves of consciousness every day as the waker and as the dreamer. If we further analyse “Who are we?”– Are we the ones who are consciously awake or are we the ones who are subconsciously dreaming? We will realize we are neither. We are the ones who experience the waking consciousness, just as we are the one who experience the dreaming subconsciousness. In fact we also experience a third state of deep sleep, when both body and mind are at rest. There is complete stillness. But we are conscious of this too. That is why when we wake up after a deep sleep, where we enjoyed stress free bliss and peace, we say “I slept like a log”. Who experienced that? It is “me”, the consciousness that also experienced what I did when I was awake and what I dreamt when I was asleep. Am I that consciousness?

When we talk of consciousness, we seem to understand it so easily. But somehow we don’t understand it in the real sense. If you are conscious, you can listen to me, just as I can talk to you if I am conscious. We also understand that the body doesn’t forget to breathe when we sleep as our subconscious never stops. Man has not thought further. If we go a little deeper, we realize that we are the consciousness that departs at death. We are no more. Unlike at sleep, where we experience a different state of consciousness, when “I” die, the “me”– that is not the body and mind, but pure energy – leaves the body permanently. I can never regain consciousness because I am no more alive in the body.

While science has gone up to the level of discovering the God particle, we have not been able to comprehend God and God energy. This is mainly because the term “God” has been misunderstood and misused. God is nothing but a Power – a Power that is responsible for the Universe and a Power that is beyond human comprehension. But a Power exists! It is this very Power that pervades every cell of our body. It is this Power that creates consciousness. We understand we are consciousness that arrives at birth and departs at death. We realize that we are that consciousness that experiences waking, dreaming and sleeping, but we don’t realize that we are not this body. It is only a reflected consciousness and not our real consciousness.

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