Living with the 4th Factor

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Suppose you are told that your life can be transformed and that you can live without fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, hate, jealousy and anger. Suppose you could fill your life with joy, peace, hope, faith and bliss, would you not be excited to transform your life? Well, here is an opportunity – you can choose a new way to live.

Why do we live with fear? What is fear? Fear is FEAR – False Expectations Appearing Real. Our life is filled with fear, fear of the unknown, fear of failure and fear of every possible danger. There is no real danger, but we cook up expected dangers and we live with fear. This is because we do not have faith in the 4th Factor. Had we believed that there was an intelligent 4th Factor that was controlling results and had complete command of the future, we would live without fear. If we trusted the Cosmic Power and realized that it was just a cosmic drama, there would be no reason to fear. However, instead of trusting the 4th Factor, we let our mind enslave us with negative thoughts that create fear. If we flip over and let the 4th Factor take charge of our life, transcending negative thoughts of our mind, fear will be a thing of the past.

We worry so much. But why do we worry? We worry because either we anticipate negative consequences, or we don’t trust the Cosmic Power enough. In fact, worry has become a habit for many people. It’s time to replace the habit of worry with a belief in the Power of the 4th Factor. We have seen its influence on results and if we have put in our best efforts, there is no need to worry. If by chance we have slipped somewhere, then the result may not be as per what we wished. However, we must have full trust in the 4th Factor. We must understand that nothing really matters. Nothing is real in this cosmic drama. The scenes keep changing and we must enjoy the show. If we believe in the 4th Factor, there is no need to worry.

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