The 2nd Peak of Happiness

What is fulfillment? Essentially, it is a state of being fully content and satisfied. It is a state of being full and not being hungry for more and more. People who are satisfied on fulfilling their needs may find themselves on this peak. But those who let greed take command of their life may find it difficult to scale this one. The beauty of this peak is that it seems to have no peaks and valleys that make one glad and sad. Unfortunately, less than 20% of the human race pursue this second peak of bliss called Fulfillment.

While the dictionary defines Fulfillment as achievement of desires or needs, the real meaning of Fulfillment in the happiness dictionary is quite different. Fulfillment is a joy beyond the pleasure of Achievement. It is a state of contentment. When one feels full or content with all needs being filled, one is fulfilled. A fulfilled person doesn’t live a life of craving and desires. A fulfilled person is satisfied, content, peaceful, and happy. Therefore, Fulfillment is beyond the Achievement peak on the happiness journey. The fulfilled person is content with success and wealth. The word Fulfillment itself describes what it is:

F – Full Satisfaction and Contentment
U – Universal Connection
L – Living with Meaning and Purpose
F – Faith, Hope, and Trust
I – Inspiration, Energy, and Enthusiasm
L – Liberation and Freedom
L – Laughter and Love
M – Making a Difference
E – Emotionally Positive
N – Noteworthy Success and Achievement
T – Tranquillity and Peace

Fulfillment is a combination of all the above. It is a joy that gives peace along with pleasure. It is a state where there are few disappointments, and therefore, people are happier in a state of Fulfillment. Those who are climbing the peak of Achievement keep on climbing till the end, but those who reach the peak of Fulfillment arrive at a plateau of peace and joy. These are the hallmarks of Fulfillment.

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