The Producer and Actors in this Cosmic Drama

The Producer and Actors in this Cosmic Drama-dream -Sleep-sad-i am sad-feeling sad-i am so sad-depressed and lonely-feel

We are born and then we die. We wake up, we dream and we sleep. We become glad, and no sooner, we become sad. We take revenge just as we forgive. First, we grow and then we shrink. Can you imagine how the Cosmic Power must have conceptualized this drama? With oceans between continents, special effects like hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis, the Cosmic Drama is a blockbuster! Each actor has 7 wonders within – the eyes, the nose, the ears, the tongue, the hands, the head and the heart that allow him to perform at his best. Dogs wag their tails and monkeys jump from tree to tree, as bees pollinate producing flowers and roots create shoots and fruits on the earth stage.

There is amazement in everything that is projected on the earth screen. Not just on earth, even in the skies, there is magic; there is day and night. The sun rises as a ball of orange and soon turns gold. It then moves overhead till it finally dips on the other side, reflecting upon the moon to create night. The Cosmic Power has not even spared the waters. A whole new world welcomes the underwater adventure seekers as they snorkel and scuba dive to see millions of colourful fish, whales, stingrays, sharks, dolphins and penguins. It must have been a humongous task for the Cosmic Power to create such an expansive and diverse cast for His drama, His Leela to be projected on His stage – the divine earth.

Have you ever wondered at the power of the Creator? The earth is nothing, just a dot in this space of the cosmos. When you travel out of the earth in a spacecraft to the moon, the earth looks like a tiny ball from a distance. What is the earth in the context of the entire cosmos? Just a dot! There are millions of stars, moons and planets that lead us to infinity. The mind of man is not capable of defining the size of the cosmos. Such imagination is beyond human capability, but there is no doubt that the earth is a little ball, a tiny dot, like the head of a pin, considering the size of the cosmos. We are tiny dots on earth. We are absolutely insignificant when compared to the power of the Creator. The producer is super intelligent. His creation is magical, mystical and perfect. Do we wake up in the morning and look out to see if the sun has failed us? Never! Do we throw a ball up in the sky and hope that it will come back to us on the ground? We know beyond doubt that the ball won’t bounce away into the sky! We don’t doubt it because we believe that the Cosmic Power has laws like gravity and rotation that run the Cosmic Show. These cosmic laws never fail us. They endorse the existence of a Cosmic Power. Everything that happens in the cosmos is due to the super intelligence, the omnipotence of the Cosmic Power.

How else could the Creator plan a ball-shaped earth rotating on its own axis, revolving around the sun in symmetry and synchronicity? There is no crash, no accident. His show is perfect. Can we doubt His intelligence? Monkeys don’t give birth to dogs and human beings live with millions of neurons and blood vessels that don’t burst. The heart beats, the lungs breathe and the kidneys clear the body waste as 8 billion human bodies work perfectly performing their part on the earth stage. Of course, the drama also has heart attacks, kidney failures and coma as a part of the cosmic show. This seems magical, truly impossible to man, but it is made possible by the Cosmic Power.

We actors on stage still question whether everything that we see on the earth stage is real or just a manifestation. It is both! Every drama is real. The actors, the music, the lights, and the stage are all very much real. But the show is just a show. So also, everything on the earth stage is real – the 8 billion people, the animals, the plants, the flowers and the stars. However, while everything that we see seems real, it is all a Cosmic Drama, a projection or a movie. The earth and life on it, and everything that we see is nothing but energy. It is the energy of the Cosmic Power that manifests as you and me on the earth stage!

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