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Meet Mary

Marriage is a sacred institution. When a couple gets married, it’s practically a new beginning for both of them. There is so much to look forward to. It’s a commitment for life, in good times and bad – ’till death do us apart’.

Unfortunately, it was not so for Mary. A dedicated homemaker, mother to a son, her world turned upside down when her husband married again. While that in itself was illegal, it did not stop at that. Mary was physically abused, beaten and tortured. Life became a brutal nightmare for her. She had no support whatsoever, neither from her son, nor from her family. One day, she was thrown out of the home she had lovingly made over the years.

With nowhere to go, no one to turn to, Mary found herself on the streets. She was so distraught that she cannot even recollect all that happened during those trying times. She does remember that she no longer wanted to live. She wanted to die. Her ordeal impacted her not only physically and emotionally but also mentally, leaving her disturbed, confused and violent. Imagine – even for a moment, how traumatic it would have been. Even when we think about it, we shudder. She breaks down inconsolably when she goes into her past.

A man who saw her wandering finally took her to the police station. Things started to change for Mary when she was brought to AiR Humanitarian Homes. She felt that she had found a home, more than a just roof over her head, more than just a bed to sleep on. She felt safe, comfortable, cared for. As she now tells us – there is no other place where she would rather be. This is it.

She has nothing but praises for our service team and our founder AiR, his kindness, compassion and nobility. She says, time and again, how this home is a haven for her, her anchor. She wishes for more people like AiR in this world, people who heal, who love, who make this world beautiful, who give selflessly and unconditionally. She expresses her gratitude in multiple ways. Her blessings could fill an ocean. She does what she can to help her extended family at AiR Humanitarian Homes. Kindness begets kindness, after all.

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