We don’t have a Soul… We are the Soul!

We don’t have a Soul… We are the Soull-trut-gold ring-Conscious-Power-computer hardware and computer software-Rebirth

There is so much said about the Soul and its connection with the Divine, still we don’t realize that we are alive because of our Soul. We do everything else but forget to discover this truth. Various religions all over the world and famous philosophers of the past and of the present have advocated different views about it but the whole concept of the Soul remains an enigma. The myth of the Soul is one of the greatest mysteries in the world. People are unsure about the existence and reincarnation of the Soul. These questions have many speculations, but till date, they have not been demystified.

Everybody talks of the Soul, but not many know the true meaning of it. Just like the gold ring, the gold bracelet and the gold chain are nothing but gold, we too are nothing but the Soul. Just like gold is the cause, the Soul is our cause. Just like ornaments are effects, we too are mere effects. If we remove the cause, there is nothing left. It is the power of the Soul that makes man conscious of who he is. It lets man remain awake with body and mind and it is this very Soul that lets the body sleep as it continues to power the mind as it dreams subconsciously. The moment the Soul departs, man loses all his power. He loses his power to be conscious, awake, and aware. Without the Soul, man becomes nothing. Man has been unable to discover the power of the Soul. Without the power of the Soul, our muscles, our joints, our bones would be lifeless and incapable of any movement. We walk and talk, we sing and play, all because of the power within.

It seems we are like a computer that needs both hardware and software to function. If our laptop has no software, it wouldn’t work and without the hardware, the software has no meaning. Both hardware and software are needed for the gadget to function. But what about the power supply? If there were no battery or electrical power, would our laptop work? While we have discovered the body’s hardware – the gross physical body and software – the subtle body i.e., MIME—the Mind, Memory, Intellect, and Ego, we have not paid attention to its power supply. What is the power supply that creates life in the human body? Some would do away with this question by saying it is food that gives energy to the body. But suddenly, why does the body stop working? It dies. They would argue that it is just like a machine, but their argument fails because a machine can be restarted. But a dead body can’t! This power supply is the Soul.

Air is everywhere but we can’t touch and feel it. However, if we take a dead rubber balloon and blow into it, we have taken some air from the universe and filled it into a balloon. The balloon now comes to life because of the air inside. If we deflate the balloon, can we retrieve the air that was inside it? Impossible! The air inside the balloon merges with the air that is everywhere. So does our Soul! The Soul seems to be energy that gives life to human beings from birth to death. It has a universal presence and is beyond human comprehension. It appears from the cosmos and goes back into the cosmos. It doesn’t take rebirth. The ‘subtle body’ comprising the Mind, Ego, Memory, Intellect—MIME, takes re-birth based on its Karmic balance.

The spiritual saints always believed that human beings are the manifestation of the Divine – ‘they are not human beings having a spiritual experience on earth, but rather Souls having a human experience.’ We human beings suffer because we are ignorant of the truth and believe in the myth that we are this body-mind complex. To realize the truth about the Soul is our life’s ultimate goal on the path to Enlightenment. Some people call it Nirvana or Moksha. People have to overcome their ignorance and realize the truth about the Soul so that they can be liberated from the triple suffering of the body, mind, and ego and live a life of eternal peace and bliss.

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